A big hello to everyone who loves reading my blogs. I always try my best to deliver some easy-peasy tricks, tips, reviews and opinions on common problems faced by parents, single moms, working moms and house-owners. 

My journey:

My journey with blogging started off completely as a surprise. I had no prior experience or intentions of getting into content writing or blogging. I got married at an early age and could not pursue any real career. My husband was very supportive right from the start and would constantly advice me to study even after marriage. 

But I conceived within 5 months of my marriage and it brought all my studying plans to a halt. I decided to devote my life to my little one by being a full-time mom and a hands-on parent. Taking care of my son while my husband used to be away at work from 9 to 5, left me with so many questions, queries and confusions in mind that I became more and more inclined to finding answers.

Once when we were out shopping for a good blender for our homes, the salesman showed us 20 different varieties and brands. It got us so confused that we came home buying nothing. It was then that I decided to start my 15 minutes mom blog. I decided to pen down all these little issues, confusions and queries that we people face and then started my work to find expert answers to all of these.

how to spend quality time with your little one if you are a working mom:

I started curating blogs for topics like ‘how to spend quality time with your little one if you are a working mom’, or ‘10 best hand blenders you can buy’ and so on. I was surprised to see the kind of response my blogs started getting. I was overwhelmed with the comments and replies of my readers. Soon readers started posting their questions to me and I did my research on them. This journey feels so satisfying and compelling today. I love my fans and I love the fact that my fans are always looking forward to reading my blogs.

This was how 10 Minutes Mom came into existence. I continuously try to come up with easy solutions to simple every-day problems and confusions.