Working Mom Tips to get away Quickly with Cleaning DIY Projects

Hello, my name is Sree. Like most of you out there reading my blog, I am a working mom too. I meet so many of my working-women-friends who are always feeling guilty about not being able to give time to household chores or spending quality time with children. I faced the same dilemma sometime back. I then started blogging on various niches such as Home improvement, Decoration Ideas, Gardening, Cleaning, DIY Works,  Beauty(Makeup, Skin Care),Fashion, Electronic products, Reviews  and such other daily household requirements after trying and testing various methods, products and gadgets.

 Vision – 10 Minutes for Mom:

I started with a vision of bringing moms together to pitch-in their reviews and ideas on various such concepts with the basic intention of helping millions of moms like us. You can even mail me on [email protected] to share you views and opinions with me.

Working Mom Tips to get away Quickly with Cleaning DIY Projects - 10 Minutes for mom

However, dads are welcome too! Basically my vision is to create a helpful community where moms, dads and everyone else can visit to find useful reviews, tips and recipes. I am a professional mom blogger and am associated with many websites that write electronic product reviews, beauty products reviews, cleaning products reviews and such others. I also blog on cool tips to help your kids with sibling issues, homework issues, pet troubles, being bullied and various such other tender problems. 

I am always on the lookout for expert tips and solutions for problems I face myself while cleaning my house or when I am confused about buying a particular electronic product for my house. It was then that I decided to do my research on such common and relatable topics and give my advice on the same, so that I can help others who have faced similar issues like these.

I constantly share my updates here on 10 minutes for mom. I would love to hear from you. So do share your feedback and connect with me.

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