6 Ladies Handbags Styles That Are Trending in 2022

6 Ladies Handbags Styles That Are Trending in 2022

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Handbags have always been a significant element of ladies’ fashion. For centuries, women have been using handbags to carry every essential item. The only thing that changed over time was the evolution of the design and style of handbags.

A famous saying is that one should never go through a woman’s handbag. It is due to the very reason that you never know what you might end up finding in her handbag. Generally, women pack up a smaller version of their homes in their handbags.

Today, handbags have become more of a style statement than a bag to carry essentials. It is all about which style and color compliments which outfit rather than taking a sufficient size everywhere.

Previously, the variation in handbags used to be all about different sizes, colors, and textures. However, lately, the bags game went a 100 level up as manufacturers started experimenting with differently shaped handbags.

This blog will walk you down through the latest and most trendy handbags of the year to avoid missing out on any of these trending pieces. After analyzing all the fashion trends this year, the list has been carefully prepared.

Bucket Bags, Anyone?

This one is indeed topping the list this year, without a doubt. From Zara to Charles & Keith, every big name in the industry introduced their variant of bucket bags this year. People all over social media were flaunting bucket bags.

The reason for its extreme popularity is that it looks stylish and is highly spacious. It easily holds up everything from your makeup essentials to sanitary items. Moreover, the bucket structure keeps the valuable things intact and secure.

Another great thing is that there are so many different varieties available in bucket bags that you will find something suitable for every occasion in this style. Everything is available, from leather drawstring bucket bags to heavily embedded sequins.

Fancy Me Some Crystals, Please!

Handbags with embellishments gained immense popularity this year. Influencers and celebrities all over social media were seen flaunting the embellished beauty.

The small-sized pearl beaded handbag was one of the most popular crystal handbags. The super cute and classy bag became a style statement in days. The only con was its tiny size which people happily overlooked.

Another popular crystal bag was a handbag embellished with rhinestones. This chic statement handbag was seen flaunting by a lot of fashion icons, including Kim Kardashian and Beyonce. So, make sure you don’t miss out on this one!

Huge Tote Bags Everywhere!

Tote bags have always been in trend since women love to carry their entire house everywhere. However, brands went crazy with tote bags this year as the sizes went significantly up. It soon became a fashion statement.

Running late on a Monday morning? A supersized tote bag would be your best friend as it can carry everything from your makeup junkies to your breakfast. It is a must-buy for every woman out there. Tote for the run, ladies!

You might also get to sneak in extra luggage while traveling with a supersized tote bag. Moreover, waterproof supersize tote bag variants are available to be your ultimate gym kits.

Carry Your Stuff In A Moon, Would You?

A popular 90s inspired ladies handbag style was revived this year. Circular, half-moon, crescent-shaped handbags were all over the ramp in catwalks this fashion year. It instantly became the most Instragramable thing out there.

Bright-colored crescent handbags made it hard to resist yourself from buying one or two. The clean and chic shape is perfect to complete a minimalistic look. It adds excellent sheen and polish to any regular outfit.

Circular handbags are not only fun but functional as well. You can even carry notebooks! Moreover, they add a significant amount of punk to any boring outfit. This year, big brands including Staud and Osoi curated the most beautiful crescent bags.

Play Around With Bubbles This Year

The quilted handbag style trendy from last year was taken a step forward this year. Previously, quilted handbags and scandals with pillow effects were all over the internet.

This year again, the internet was taken by a swam with handbags quilted with bubble effect details.

It used to be a style statement back in 2000, so it brought back nostalgia for many. However, the style and details were a game changer this time. The soft finish of the handbag was to die for.

The quilted bubble handbag style quickly became every woman’s comfort handbag. The soft, puffy, and tufted exterior instantly became ladies’ favorite this year. Significantly, the ones in pastel colors were hard to resist.

Look Out For Some Fun Crochet Textures:

Crochet knitted handbags undoubtedly became one of the biggest fashion trends this year. This bohemian trend was about fun colors and cute fringes all over your bag. A perfect match for your beach outfits indeed!

As we see minimalist fashion coming back in trend, a crochet bag is not to be missed out on. Nothing goes well with a minimalistic outfit more than a crochet textured handbag. The best part is that you can even carry crochet bags to your workplace or college.

They look as sophisticated as fun they sound. A massive hit this year! So, don’t miss out on some crochet textures.

Final Thoughts:

A stylish handbag is a fashion statement no one should miss out on. As it not only complements the outfit but completes the entire look. Plus, you get to carry some essentials! What could be better than that?

The trendy handbags this year are here to stay for a long time. So, don’t forget to revamp your handbag collection before the year ends. Do keep an eye for sales not to cost you a kidney.

This year, our favorites from the trendy pieces are beaded handbags, crescent handbags, and bucket bags. Please share your favorites in the comment section below.

Let us know if we accidentally missed out on some of your favorite trendy handbags from the year. We always love to hear back from each one of you.

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