Different types of gold chains that men can try

Different types of gold chains that men can try

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Currently, there is a boom of wearing chains by men. Chain particular gold chains gives a unique look to the personality of men. Now the time has come to talk about the types of necklaces and chains that you can hang around your neck to give a good touch to your look.

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Medium length chain:

Of all the options shown, this is the most popular and conventional. As a good jewelry accessory for men, it is important to be made of gold or silver. It combines with any look. Wearing a round-neck shirt, a sweater, a turtleneck, and even nothing will always look good. The key lies in the thickness of the chain, which should not exceed half a centimetre. The gold chains for men canada come in different designs.

Long length chain:

The same concept as the previous one, with the difference that this chain falls below the chest. In addition, in this type of model, it is always better to opt for a thicker chain with a mouse or wheat tail link (1 cm approx.), as it will provide a better fall. Finally, if you want to add personality, opt for one with some pendant hanging.

Layered chains:

One of the most recent trends in this type of accessories is to wear several chains without falling into excess and having limited the amount of men’s jewelry looks good. The goal is to create dynamism and texture at the height of your neck and chest. Either you buy the set of chains, or you combine the ones you already have. The rules to follow: look for different lengths, similar thicknesses, and preferably the same material. 

Pearl Necklace:

Accessories are genderless, but the pearl necklace has long been established as exclusive to women. Today, that idea is a thing of the past, and it is an option that you should not overlook. They suggest you choose one that falls a couple of centimetres below your neck, or you can opt for a choker type. Don’t forget,  gold chains for men canada will always help to complement any look.

Necklace or link chain:

Although pearls are a delicate and elegant accessory, they turn to their counterpart. Links, also known as a bilbana chain, is a thick and rough necklace that reminds us of pieces of industrial use. The success of wearing this type of necklace lies in choosing a model that does not have too large and coarse links. Choose an option that ends at the beginning of your chest. Otherwise, it can become a cumbersome accessory.

Cuban chain:

It is a variant of the Bilbao chain necklace, with the particularity that the links are very thick and heavy. This chain is decorated with diamonds inside. Mortals can choose the traditional option in silver. Undoubtedly, of all the models shown, this is the most informal, but one of the ones that will give you the most style.

Chain with charm:

They couldn’t finish this selection of men’s necklaces and chains without mentioning the traditional charm chain. When choosing this model, you should notice that the chain is as discreet and thin as possible (the oatmeal or bearded type is the best). The objective is that the protagonist is the pendant and not the chain. It can fall from where your chest begins to the middle of it.