Halloween Costume Ideas 2020

Halloween Costume Ideas of 2021 – KIDS

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Dressing up for Halloween is the best part of this amusing festival. Children, teenagers and adults indulge in silly shenanigans dressing up in crazy and scary costumes to celebrate this day. Halloween has always been associated with ghosts, witches, monsters and everything eerie and spooky. So, if you have been looking for halloween costume ideas, then we have an entire idea galore! Read on further to know more about what to be for Halloween.

Halloween Costume Ideas

Haunted House Costume:

If you are wondering what to be for Halloween, then here is a great idea. Do not worry, making a house is not as tough as it may sound. All you need to do is to take a thick sheet of paper and paint a haunted house on it. The roof to the ground should roughly reach your kid’s neck to ankles. Paint pumpkins, bats, ghosts and everything haunted that you can think of on the house. Once done, cut it out and stick a thick cardboard paper at the back for support. Punch four holes at both the sides each and tie two black colored ribbons that can be tied at the back. For the cap, paint some spiders or a witch hat. Your cheap Halloween costume is ready!

Halloween Witch Costume:

This one is the easiest of all. Dress up your girl in a black gown. You can also take a black dress with a belt at the waist. Make her wear black socks and shoes. Paint a witch hat for the head on cardboard. Give her a broom and boom! Your little witch is ready! To take the costume to the next level, you can paint her lips dark red and make her wear artificial teeth.

Funny Halloween T-shirts:

If your little one is too small to actually dress up in fancy costumes, then you can just make them wear funny Halloween T-shirts. Get plain colored tees and paint pumpkins, haunted houses, bats, witches or wizards or whatever you feel like. You can also write funny one-liners. Skip the bottom and just make them wear shoes and socks to get them ready for Halloween.

Frozen Snowman:

If your child is scared of eerie attire, Halloween costume ideas need not be only scary. You can also make your little munchkin into a frozen snowman. Just get him a white woolen gown or a plain white hoodie. Cover his head with the hoodie. Pin up a real carrot on a stick and tell him to put it on his nose whenever he goes asking for Halloween treats. Else, you can also make an orange cone on a stick and use it for a snowman nose. Put lots of cotton balls on the hoodie to make him look like a frozen snowman.

Harry Potter Costume:

This one will definitely be the best Halloween costume idea for kids. Everyone loves Harry Potter. Dressing up your kid as one is easier than you can imagine. Just hunt for the signature round frames to complete the look. A black gown, a wizard hat made out of cardboard and a colorful muffler is all that it would take to dress up your doll as Harry Potter.

Troll on your Back:

A simple and genius idea is to get a troll cartoon stuff toy from the market and just pin it up on your kid’s back. Tell your kid to stare into his eyes whenever he goes asking for treats. This will look scary and funny as hell.

Gandhi Costume:

Too easy to make and too amusing! Just get a beaded necklace and round frames. Ensure that your little one is a baldy to replicate Gandhi’s look. Any red or maroon shawl can be draped around the body to create the Gandhi look.


You will need a skull mask for the head for this costume. Get a black gown and paint a skeletal structure on it. For the head, you can use some real bones and arrange them in a criss-cross fashion and paint them black. This can be the headgear.

These are some funny and amusing ideas for Halloween costumes for kids 2021.