When Should I Wear My Toddler in a Carrier?

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At what age should I start wearing my toddler in a carrier? For many parents, there’s no question that carriers are the best way to get out and about with your young child. But when should you put them in one? And how do you make sure your toddler enjoys it as much as you do? This article will answer all of these questions and more, giving you the knowledge you need to choose the right type of carrier for your child and successfully start wearing him or her in one. Read on to find out more about toddler carriers and when it’s time to wear your baby!

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When to wear your toddler:

  • When they’re comfortable. If your toddler is happy and sitting contentedly, it might be time to put them in a carrier. It makes it harder when they’re active and all they want to do is run loose and play.
  • When they’re tired. Sometimes, toddlers will fall asleep in their carriers. As long as you have support for their head, there’s no reason why you can’t let them sleep away! However, do ensure that their head is supported. If you aren’t sure whether or not it is, check on them every few minutes to make sure everything is ok and gently reposition their head if necessary.
  • When you need an extra pair of hands: While not ideal for toddlers who are still developing motor skills, many carriers have ergonomic straps designed specifically with parents and carers in mind.
  • When you’re traveling. Sometimes getting through the airport is a bit faster and easier if you’re able to keep your toddler close the way a carrier does.

How to wear your toddler:

There are tons of different carriers out there. So how do you know which one is best for you? The first thing to figure out is which position(s) you prefer to carry your toddler. There are both front and back carriers to allow you to carry either way. You should be aware of the weight restrictions to be sure your toddler falls under that guideline. Since toddlers are heavier than babies, you’ll want to be sure that the type of toddler carrier you use allows you to carry your little one comfortably. As long as you follow the carrier’s instructions, you and your toddler will be

Why wear your toddler:

We spend too much time worrying about what other people think and not enough time worrying about what we think. If you enjoy wearing your toddler, then wear your toddler. This one is easy! Now, if you don’t enjoy wearing your child or don’t see why you would want to then by all means please don’t wear them. But if you do like it, go for it. Carriers can give parents peace of mind when their little one starts walking since they tend to want to get into everything. For moments where you can’t keep an eye on them due to a work meeting or household work such as vacuuming, wearing your toddler is perfect in allowing you to keep your toddler real close by.

While wearing your toddlers is not appropriate at all times, there are still many instances when it’s perfectly safe and convenient to do so. Always trust that inner parental knowing of safety and wellbeing even if anyone else advises otherwise.