Best Dry Shampoo for Every Hair Color

Best Dry Shampoo for Every Hair Color

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A dry shampoo is one of the most amazing inventions of today. It is very useful for those who want to give their hair a quick refresh without having a proper water bath. It is helpful for campers, school and college going students who don;t have the time to wash their hair and dry them or for important celebrities who have the face camera everyday and cannot afford to have their hair looking dull and oily. 

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Peculiarities of Asian Hair Type:

The best dry shampoo for Asian hair is one that is specially made to suit the Asian hair type. This includes typically dark hair or brown hair that is straight. An Asian hair strand has a typical round and even shape and this hair type has the fastest growth rate in the world. A dry shampoo suiting Asian hair type is typically made to enhance all the features of Asian hair type.

Advantages of Dry Shampoo:

Advantages of Dry Shampoo

  • It can be used to give your hair an instant fresh look especially when you don’t have access to water.
  • It can be used to quickly make your hair look fresh and bouncy, even when you don’t have the time to wash your hair and dry them.
  • Washing hair everyday rips off the essential natural oils from your hair. Using a dry shampoo alternative will quickly restore the sheen and bounce in your hair, making them look fresh.

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So, if you are looking for a good Dry Shampoo to suit every kind of colored hair, here are the best ones:

Best Dry Shampoos:

  • Best Overall – Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo:

This dry shampoo is one of the best ones as it suits all hair types. It is affordable and quickly boosts your hair. All you need to do is to spray once or twice to fix your hair and make it look healthy. It won’t make your hair look greasy. Instead, it makes you feel clean. It is best not to spray this one directly on your scalp.

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  • Best for Oily Hair – Dove Dry Shampoo for Oily Hair Volume and Fullness:

This is a great option for oily hair. Just one spray of this shampoo feels very premium and high-quality. Asian hair type is relatively thinner and this shampoo works wonders on this type.

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  • Best Budget – Batiste Dry Shampoo:

This is a great dry shampoo option for those looking for a budget shampoo. You can get a pack of 3 in less than $15. It has an amazing fragrance that is more tropical and not too strong.

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  • Best Powder – Hair Dance Volume Powder:

A great substitute for dry shampoo is this dry shampoo powder, if you don’t like the spraying ones. This dry shampoo powder is easy to apply on your hair. It has a lovely lavender fragrance and it stays put in your hair for 24 hours. You cannot go wrong by overusing it. It comes in a quaint little bottle that feels great in your palm grip. The volumizing powder contains no parabens, talc or baking soda. The powder absorbs the excess oil from the hair and scalp and gives your hair a fresh bounce.

  • Best For Greasy Hair – Living proof Perfect Hair Day Dry:

This dry shampoo is a great option for those with greasy hair. It leaves your hair feeling very clean and also gives a nice fragrance. This one is silicon and cruelty-free. It easily lasts for almost 2 months when used thrice a week. It leaves no residue in your hair and that is the reason, it is one of the best choices. 

  • Best Scent – Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo:

This dry shampoo has a mind-blowing scent. The bottle also feels quite high-quality. It is easy to apply, but is a bit costly. It can be applied to your hair after showering. It works as a great volumizer. 

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How Long Does Dry Shampoo Last:

Typically, a dry shampoos should be used thrice a week, so that means it can easily last for 2 days. It usually lasts for a whole day without having to retouch your hair every now and then. Some people use dry shampoos every 4 to 8 hours to make their hair look perfect, but that just depends on the kind of shampoo you are using. It is important to find a brand that works the best for you. People who travel constantly, or have to meet important clients everyday, should keep a bottle handy to make their hair look fresh all day long. 

These are the best dry shampoo options for every colored hair. 

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