Long Hair at Old age

Can Women have Long Hair at Old age

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As a woman gets older, many things change about her- her style of dress, her hobbies perhaps. But, should her hairstyle also change? Most ladies tend to decide to have short hair at some point.

Women with long hair are always adorable. So we ask ourselves: Is there an age at which women are too old for long hair?

As soon as women are at a certain age – usually when they reach the mid-fifties – many of them feel the need to have their hair cut. If you look around the streets, short haircuts dominate the vast majority of mature women. Are women really ever too old for long hair?

How Hair Changes with Age and How to Stimulate it

  • Over the years, the hair becomes finer and thinner because the body’s own keratin production decreases.
  • ┬áDuring the menopause, the female hormones – the estrogens – decrease rapidly, which further accelerates the aging process of the hair.
  • As a result, the hair can appear less voluminous, therefore, you should treat your hair once or twice a week with a hair conditioner.
  • You should also use styling products that makes your hair shine, so also mousse or volume spray for extra volume. For even more volume, blow-dry your hair with a round brush.
  • Besides the hair structure, the scalp also changes over the years. As the latter hardens and the blood circulation decreases, the hair roots are supplied with fewer nutrients.
  • As a result, hair growth slows down and the hair loses its shine and becomes weak
  • Stimulate weak scalp by massaging it regularly.
  • Use zinc or iron to help strengthen scalp and hair. It is best to discuss the use of dietary supplements with your doctor in advance.

Long hair in old age and How to Improve it

  • With the removal of the color pigment melanin, the hair gradually turns gray, although it’s not overnight.
  • How long it takes until the entire mop of hair shines in gray is very individual.
  • The hair usually grays unevenly – to make the transition more attractive, highlights in ash tones in your natural color are a good idea until the natural gray on your mop of hair largely dominates.
  • If you don’t like the silver look and would like to color your hair in one color, regular coloring is a must.
  • A gray roots can quickly look unkempt. Professional hairdresser can advise you on the perfect gray hair coverage.


Hair length at any age is influenced by nutrition, health, heredity and proper hair care.

While an elegant short haircut can look great, long, well-groomed hair looks at least as good in old age, as long as it is authentic and suits the wearer.

Flaws in appearance develop because many people wear what they think they have to wear and not what they want to wear.

Start taking good care of your hair from today, healthy hair is not achieved in weeks.