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Interesting Details about Dabur Vatika Hair Oil

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Dabur Vatika hair oil is one of the most beloved hair oils in India. Dabur is a trustworthy brand that has carved its niche in the Indian market since its launch. Vatika hair oil is a preferred hair oil by millions of men and women across the nation. Here are some more details about your hair oil that might concern you.

Can you use Dabur Vatika Hair Oil for Body Massage?

Vatika hair oil is enriched with henna, lemon, coconut oil and plenty other nurturing ingredients. When used as an oil for body massage, you will find your skin to get more nourished and supple after every use. The oil is light and easily penetrates the skin follicles, giving you well-nourished and moisturized skin. Some people think that this oil is only used as a hair oil. But, our product can be used for body massage as well. As we recommend it for stimulating hair follicles and removing dryness from your scalp, it will display similar results for your skin as well.

Dabur Vatika Hair Oil

Is any Chemical used in Vatika Hair Oil?

Vatika hair oil is one of the few hair oils manufactured in our country without the use of any artificial additives or chemicals. We at Dabur, believe in the wholesome purity and reliability of our products. We also only market the facts so that we do not put our customers in a loop. Our hair oil contains the natural goodness of Amla, coconut, lemon and henna. It does not contain any harmful chemicals so that it can be used by anyone who is allergic to chemicals.

I purchased a Dabur Vatika Hair oil bottle which has the MFG as 2017, but the expiry date is not mentioned. When is the Expiry date? Can I use it for my hair or body?

The expiry date of Vatika Hair Oil with an MFG 2017 is 2020, that is, 3 years from the date of manufacture. But, if the product smells and feels okay, then you can use it. Hair products are generally safer to use a little past their expiry date. But, if your usage is low, it is better to purchase smaller packs, so that you do not have to worry about discarding them past their expiry dates.

Who is the Founder of Vatika India Next?

Vatika India Next is a township started in 2010. It is a fully-integrated township. Vatika INXT is a fully integrated property spread over 546 acres in Gurgaon with 1,00,000 residents living, 500 shops operational, 4 clubs, 3 swimming pools, 5 play areas, 13 parks, 24 acre green and fully developed infrastructure. The modern, self contained township is only a 20 min signal-free drive from IFFCO Chowk, and is the perfect epitome of quality living.

Who is the Founder of Vatika India Next

Name of the Girl who is the New Face of Favour Vatika Hair Oil

Samantha Prabhu is the new promised face of Vatika hair oil. She will be endorsing the new variant of Favour Vatika hair oil. This new Vatika enriched coconut hair oil has Hibiscus and promises new and better benefits for your hair. Samantha Prabhu has a good fan following in the South and seeing her endorsing the brand might bring a good profit and increased sales for the brand.

Is Vatika Aloe Vera Oil the Best of all the Vatika Hair Oil Types?

Dabur Vatika Almond hair oil, Dabur Vatika Enriched Olive hair oil, Dabur Vatika Garlic Enriched hair oil, Dabur Vatika Hibiscus hair oil, Dabur Vatika Softness and Shine Naturals Almond Enriched Hair oil, Moroccan Argan hair oil, Vatika Aloe Vera Oil, Vatika Argan hair oil are some of the main types of Vatika hair oil types. All the oils have different benefits and are suitable for different needs. Vatika hair oil enriched with Aloe Vera is excellent for curing dandruff and for providing nourishment to dry hair. It also calms an itchy scalp and treats dermatitis. This hair oil promotes hair growth as well.

Is it Good or Bad to Apply Dabur Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil to Puppies?

As this oil does not contain any harmful chemicals, it can be used for pets as well. You can apply this oil on your puppy for nourishing the external fur coat. But, to rule out any issues, you must consult your vet first.

Can I mix Dabur Amla oil with Dabur Vatika oil?

All the ingredients present in Dabur Vatika oil are present in Dabur Amla oil. Dabur Amla oil has an additional infusion of amla for those who need the goodness of amla in their hair. However, there is no problem in mixing these two, in case you want a milder infusion. 

Pros and Cons of Using Dabur Vatika Hair Oil


  • It is inexpensive and also quite easily available.
  • The oil does not feel heavy on the scalp.
  • It controls dandruff to some extent.
  • It also helps in controlling dandruff.
  • Vatika hair oil leaves your hair shiny and soft.


  • None

Will I face any side effects if I suddenly stop using Dabur Vatika Hair Oil?

As this is a herbal hair oil made with completely natural ingredients, you will not face any side effects even if you suddenly stop using it.

Where did the Dabur Vatika Hair oil company start?

The company has its headquarters in Kaushambi, Sahibabad, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India. 

These are some of the basic questions answered on our incredible Dabur Vatika Hair oil. We hope to satisfy our customers and solve all their confusions so that they can use our products without any tensions.