Is Using Baby Shampoo Good for Adults(0-5 years)

Is Using Baby Shampoo Good for Adults (0-5years)

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A few years back, the awareness for paraben-free and SLS-free products was not wide-spread. People used the shampoos and skin-care products commercially available in stores. For infants and babies, there was a special section of baby shampoos and other baby care products. These are much milder than the ones available for adults. A question that arises in one’s mind is whether an adult can use a baby shampoo or not.

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Can Adults Use Baby Shampoo:

The answer to this question lies in the mere ingredient list and constituency of a shampoo. Baby shampoos are SLS-free, paraben-free and harsh-chemical-free. They are specially formulated keeping in mind the delicate skin of babies and infants. These shampoos are quite mild. 

They can, of course, be used by adults without any side-effects. In fact, most doctors prescribe these shampoos to adults who are suffering from psoriasis, eczema or other skin and scalp infections. There are some other people who prefer using these shampoos as they want to refrain from using chemical-laden shampoos. Many SLS and paraben-free shampoos have recently been launched on the market, but a few years back, there were very few options for such shampoos. Hence, baby shampoos were widely used by adults preferring safe and mild shampoos.

Can you Use Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo for Adults?

Can you Use Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo for Adults

Johnson and Johnson is one of the most renowned brands for baby care products. Most of us have used its products growing up or seen our mothers use it for our siblings. It is one of the oldest premium baby products brands. Johnson and Johnson shampoo is mild, soft and delicate on the hair. It rinses the scalp properly and does not leave behind any residue. The hair also feels soft, shiny and easily manageable after using this shampoo. 

Some adults have noticed a considerable decrease in hair fall after using this shampoo. 

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Johnson baby shampoo ingredients do not include any harmful chemicals. The shampoo does not make the skin dry and it also encourages hair growth. Another advantage of this baby shampoo for adults is its affordable price. A 500 ml bottle costs around Rs. 281, which is quite less than other SLS and Paraben-free shampoos available on the market. 

So, if you have any concerns regarding use of a chemical-free shampoo, then choose Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo for best results.

Can you Use Himalaya Baby Shampoo for Adults?

Can you Use Himalaya Baby Shampoo for Adults

After Johnson, another trusted Indian baby care products brand is Himalayas. It has an exceptional range of quality products both for adults and babies. It is the number one baby care brand in India. Himalaya baby shampoo ingredients do not include any harmful chemicals. This brand is suitable for those who have normal hair that is damaged due to pollution or such other reasons. Ingredients include chickpea, khus grass and hibiscus. All these ingredients have a mention in our ancient Ayurveda for hair health.

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Himalaya baby shampoo makes your hair stronger, shinier and softer. It also clears the scalp of any fungal infections. It has many favorable reviews by people who have used this product and they feel more confident about their hair and even notice lesser hair fall. Himalaya baby shampoo has the right pH balance and it does not contain any harmful chemicals. It is very suitable for those with dandruff or itchy scalp issues. 

It is also quite affordable as a 400 ml bottle costs only Rs. 275. You can even try a smaller pack at first to see whether it suits your hair or not.

Is Baby Shampoo Even Better than Regular Shampoo?

Is Baby Shampoo Even Better than Regular Shampoo

The answer to this question really depends on what you are looking for in your shampoo. If you are looking for a mild shampoo with no harmful chemicals, then you must opt for baby shampoo. Some people have really sensitive skin that gets easily irritated by fragrances, or chemical ingredients used in regular shampoos. In such cases, baby shampoos are best suited.

If your hair is highly damaged and you need a repair product, then you must choose a hair repair shampoo especially formulated for repairing dry, damaged or dull hair. Baby shampoos do not work to repair damaged hair. 

Even if a shampoo claims to be absolutely safe and claims to have only natural products, they still might have one or two harmful ingredients. But, baby shampoos cannot have any harmful ingredients. They have to pass the Q and C from authorities and so, they cannot have any chemicals or harmful ingredients that might harm babies. So, if you cannot take a risk with chemicals, then you must opt for baby shampoos. 

Do Baby Shampoos Encourage Hair Growth?

A regular shampoo mostly never actually grows a person’s hair, contrary to what the brands claim. In fact, what most shampoos do is to cleanse your hair and scalp thoroughly and add a conditioning protection to your hair. Some shampoos do have ingredients that boost hair follicles and revitalize the scalp, thereby encouraging healthy scalp and healthier hair growth. 

A baby shampoo is very gentle on your scalp and does not cause any chemical damage. When your scalp is free from such damage, healthier hair growth may occur. Baby shampoos also do not lather much. Too much lathering can result in dryness of the scalp. Baby shampoos do not actually grow your hair, but leave your scalp feeling better and healthier.

Apart from Johnson and Himalayas, Which Other Baby Shampoos are Good?

Cetaphil baby shampoo and Dove baby shampoo are both very good baby shampoo products available in India. Cetaphil has a proclaimed ‘tear-free’ formula. It has a blend of ingredients such as Aloe Vera, glycerin and calendula, all of which are gentle and safe on the baby’s scalp. It rinses off well and leaves no residue. It also hydrates the hair well and the glycerin locks in moisture. Cetaphil does not contain any parabens, mineral oil or colorants. It has a unique hypoallergenic formula that can be used by adults with sensitive skin.

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Dove Baby Shampoo has a mild formula that will never cause any adverse reactions on your hair. This one too is a ‘tear-free’ formula that will not make your baby cry. It locks in moisture to your hair and leaves it looking gentle. It also has a fresh and clean fragrance.


To conclude, you can easily use a baby shampoo for adults if they are looking for a chemical-free and mild shampoo. 


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