Washing your Hands for 20 Seconds

Are you Washing your Hands for 20 Seconds Ample Times a day: Hand Hygiene Awareness

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Coronavirus shook the world in the most unexpected way! Even when the virus was spreading since January 2020, it took a while to sink in each one of us its deadly and horrendous magnitude. COVID-19 kept spreading like an angry forest fire and one by one, each nation started announcing a complete lockdown. By April 2020, the situation across the globe had reached its worst, with almost every country completely shut down.

Poster to bring awareness in public about hygiene:

In the middle of this pandemic, media and news channels kept spreading awareness of personal hygiene importance. The importance of wearing masks and maintaining social distancing was repeated again and again to the public. Hygiene awareness, immunity building, social distancing and masks had become a way of life all these months and continues to be so. To prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, sanitizers played a significant role. We can see gallons of sanitizers in all colors, types of bottles and from different brands being sold on the markets. 

Poster to bring awareness in public about hygiene

How many times in day hand washing is done for 20 seconds?

The television, news and media have educated us repeatedly about the importance of washing our hands for 20 seconds multiple times a day. The germs on our hands need 20 seconds to be washed off completely under water using a good lathering soap. You can alternatively, sanitize your hands using a good hand sanitizer and then washing your hands again before you consume food. This helps in preventing the spread of germs from your hands to any surface in the house or public premises. Anyone unaware touching the same surfaces may catch the germs and this was how the virus spread like wild-fire. 

Social distancing, washing hands frequently and wearing a mask are the only available current means to prevent the spread of this deadly virus until a proper vaccine is launched. While you continue to wear a mask and maintain social distancing when you step out of your house, you also end up spending a lot on hand sanitizers. 

These are all tips for personal hygiene and self-assurance that you do not spread germs to someone else. But when it comes to sanitizing and disinfecting your home surfaces, you need to take some action too.

Disinfecting Home Surfaces:

The first step one needs to take is to sanitize door knobs at home. We emphasize on door sanitizers because door knobs are also the most contaminated areas in homes and public places. These are the surfaces that are touched by multiple people multiple times a day and are susceptible to carrying the maximum number of germs. You can disinfect your door knobs, home furniture, counters, floors and showers using a powerful surface disinfectant. In the current scenario checking of these surfaces at home becomes even more important as one needs to make them germ-free, disinfected and safe for family members.

Together, we can all fight this virus and prevent it from attacking us and our loved ones. Just heed to the security and safety measures and only step out of your house when completely necessary. Work from home is a big thing this time. Make most use of the technology we have and work from home as much as possible. Call for door delivery for essential items and avoid stepping out yourself to go to the market. The virus is suspected to completely disappear in one or two months. Together, we have fought for 6 months and we just need to be strong for a couple of months more, until we completely kill this virus. Hopefully, by then, we get a good vaccine for COVID-19 and then we can all move about safely and free like before.

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