5 Tips to Achieve a No Makeup Look - 10 Minutes for mom

5 Tips to Achieve a No Makeup Look

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A lot of times, we wish to carry a no makeup look or look very natural yet flawless. This look goes well with a heavy dress in order to balance it. Else with everything goddy, we might end up looking too overly decked up. Wearing such a look requires make up too. The makeup has to be applied with certain tricks and hacks that one looks completely flawless and natural. A no makeup look feels very fresh and natural and people might complement you for your flawless complexion. A morning function is the best time of the day to sport a no makeup look. Skin has certain imperfections and flaws and these increase with age. One does not feel like going out without wearing any makeup at all. After all everyone wants to look charming and presentable! Nobody has the perfect skin and certain flaws can be concealed using a concealer and the best features of the face have to be highlighted to look your natural best. The following tips guide us for a no makeup look and to look natural:

5 Tips for a No Makeup Look

1.Get your base right first:

The first requirement of a nude look is to have a freshly scrubbed and clean face. Keep yourself well hydrated by drinking lots of water and juices. The effect shows on the skin. Use a natural moisturizer mixed with a light base or a concealer and this can be gently applied on the face to hide certain imperfections and flaws. Lastly use a makeup spray or mist to get a fresh and dewy effect on the skin.

2.Skip the heavy foundation:

Skip the heavy foundations and concealers as one can easily sport a natural makeup look using a luminous moisturizer based with light concealers. Heavy ones make the face look cakey. You can use the concealer to hide your major imperfections on the nose, chin and under eye area. But do not use it on the full face. Try blending with fingers instead of with brushes and sponges to avoid the cakey look.  Apply a light sunscreen to finish off.

3. Use a natural flush tone:

Create a similar blush for your cheekbones as the natural colour of your skin tone. Avoid the reds, pinks and the browns. This imparts a natural flushed tone which looks very natural but at the same time adds luminosity to the skin.  

4.Skip heavy eye makeup:

5 Tips to Achieve a No Makeup Look -10 Minutes for mom

Use only very thin eyeliner if completely necessary. You can easily skip the broad ones to go natural. Use a colourless mascara to add volume to your eyelashes. Use a hint of black if necessary. One must try to give more volume at the base to get a thicker eyelashes look. Use a natural coloured eye shadow for the eyelids instead of the coloured ones.

5. Natural coloured lipstick:

Lastly, use a natural coloured lip gloss or matte finish to get a nude look. Avoid the dark ones and if required use only a shade darker. This will impart a very fresh and natural look to your face. Use the ones without shimmer and this will make your lips look healthy and natural.


Makeup applied with expertise can help you don a no makeup look. This look can be carried on daily without looking too over the top or dramatic all the time. It will keep people wondering about your original skin and give you compliments for the same.