Natural Skin Care Remedies

6 Natural Skin Care Remedies you Should Start Today

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Who doesn’t want clear and glowing skin? Flawless skin has become an obsession which is truly here to stay. If someone is extending its skincare routine, others are appealed from clever-marketed beauty products. But the time has changed this flawless skin obsession now takes in surgical procedures.

I’m talking about cosmetic surgical procedures including rejuvenation and resurfacing surgeries. Whether you try to combat ageing skin or want to get rid of uneven toned skin, these surgeries are there for it. Plastic surgeries claim to be one solution for all skin problems.

Plastic surgery vs. Cosmetic products:

But we still see celebrities advertising skincare products, and what about our self-taught dermatologists? This gives rise to many questions like aren’t plastic surgeries enough? If they aren’t enough, then what the hype is about?

Let’s just face the fact:

Plastic surgeries are not for everyone. Don’t get offended, I’ve got the reason to say this. These surgeries aren’t a long term and cost-effective solution. Further, plastic surgeries aren’t for minor problems and have risks associated with them.

A few years ago my friend decided on skin laser surfacing, following her decision she went to a renowned plastic surgeon in Peshawar. She went through the whole surgical procedure and post-surgery treatment just to say that she was doing better without it.

Home remedies for skincare:

As this debate comparing the cosmetic product with plastic surgery seems endless, home remedies can be an effective solution. If you are on the hunt for home remedies for healthier skin, then give it a read!

Home remedies for skincare

Some of the effective home remedies are:

  • Try lemon to treat spots:

The blemishes on your skin might be inviting for you to pick on them. But it might be harmful in the long run, leaving permanent scars and causing inflammation on your skin. Instead of trying your nails and blemishing tools, you can try some lemon juice. You can also combine lemon and honey for better results. Lemon has anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and antiseptic qualities making it a potential candidate to treat acne, dark spots and ageing skin.

  • A potato for glowing brighter skin:

Potato is one of the best agents to assure you a healthy skin. Potato contains ingredients that can help to fight hyperpigmentation, dark circles, and uneven skin tone. You can directly apply potato juice to the dark skin spots as well as you can try a potato mask for glowing skin. Other than these, placing potato slices on your eyes can help you in relieving dark circles.

  • Turmeric can do all the magic:

Known for its antioxidant properties, turmeric can do all the magic to our skin. Adding lemon or curd to turmeric and applying this paste to your skin can help with reducing skin pigmentation. However, before applying turmeric to your skin, make sure you check if you are sensitive to it or not.

I’m allergic to turmeric and without knowing this once I applied a turmeric mask on my skin and ended up with severe skin infection. I went to the emergency in lady reading hospital and got treated but that was quite a painful experience for me.

  • Tomato is also good for your skin:

Talking about the benefits of natural products, how can we forget tomatoes? Tomatoes can help to shrink pores and reduce blackheads on your skin. You can either eat a tomato daily or can directly apply the tomato juice to your face.

  • Coffee beans scrub for lips:

If you peel your lip’s dead skin off, then you are not alone. Many people including me are habitual of doing this. But rather than peeling the skin off, you can try coffee beans masks. Let me explain how! Add ½ spoon grounded coffee beans with ¼ amount of salt in ½ spoon lotion to prepare the mix. Apply this onto your lips and gently massage to slough off the skin.

  • Exfoliate with sugar:

Several exfoliating agents are available in the market ranging from mild to harsh ones, but do you know what the best exfoliator is? It is white sugar. Yes, you can use grounded white sugar with lemon juice or with cream to make a gentle scrub. Applying this on your face and gently massaging in a circular motion can take off dead skin cells from your skin with convenience.