How to Plan a DIY Spa Day for Girls

7 Steps to Planning a Perfect DIY Spa Day for Girls

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A spa day at home with your girl gang can be a lot of fun. You will end up saving a lot of money, groom yourself to perfection and also have loads of girly time. For a working mom, this is a great idea to do something meaningful for your girls. They will love the idea and thank you forever. 

To plan the perfect spa gettogether for your girls and their friends, you need to collect a few things. Let us get started..

7 Steps to Planning a Perfect DIY Spa Day for Girls:

1. Lay beach towels (all similar) on the ground

This gives the feeling of having their own spa bed. You can personalize this a bit by adding name tags next to each beach towel and also putting similar flip flops besides each towel. They can later take the flip flops home as a favor.

2. Arrange an Array of Nailpolishes

It is time to collect all your nail paints and arrange them in a tray for your girl’s spa day. Also put some nail paint remover, filer and cotton wads. Let the girls select their own shade to groom themselves. You must assist them while polishing their nails as they end up staining your carpets or rugs.

3. Music and Refreshments

A spa day without music and refreshments can feel quite boring. Play some light music or your girl’s favorite songs. Prepare some muffins, chips and lemonade prior to the spa session. Let them take bites in between.

4. Prepare Homemade Facial Mask

Now obviously you do not want to burden these little girls’ skins with chemical masks. Prepare your own homemade mask with curd, chickpea flour, rose water, honey and a drop of lemon juice. Let them apply this on their face and scrub gently. They can wash it off after 5 minutes.

5. Cucumber for the eyes

Peel and cut round slices of cucumbers for the girls to keep it on their eyes while they relax. This will give them a real spa feeling.

6. Massage Hands and Feets

You can either teach them to do it for each other or you can personally massage each one for 10 minutes. Start with the hands and then do the legs. You can use some light and fragrant oil for massage.

7. Bath and Hair

Tell them all to take a bath and dress up, while you blow dry their hair. Put pretty ribbons on each one’s hair to give them a dolled-up feel.

This way, plan the best DIY spa day for girls at home.

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