Easy Remedies to Cure Cracked Heels using Home Ingredients

Easy Remedies to Cure Cracked Heels using Home Ingredients

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Are you sick and tired of hiding your cracked heels? Often women or men with cracked heels cannot wear open heeled sandals or shoes as they are ashamed of showcasing their ugly heels. Cracked heels occur when you do not take proper care of your heels. The situation worsens in winters and in some cases, cracked heels are painful too. Here are some ways in which you can cure cracked heels easily using home remedies.

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Milk and Rose Scrub:

Cracked Heels using Home Ingredients - Milk & Rose water

Cracked heel are covered with dead skin cells and dirt. You need to first clean them by soaking your heels in a tub of milk and water solution. Add a few petals of fresh rose inside the tub and soak your heels for 30 minutes. After half an hour, remove your feet and scrub gently with a pumice stone to remove all the dead skin cells. The rose and milk will also condition your feet. You can then rinse them well and apply some foot moisturizer and wear socks. Do not roam about in the house bare feet, as this aggravates your cracked heels.

Banana and Honey Scrub or Mask:

This is an easy home remedy that is also very effective. Just take an overripe banana and mash it with your fingers. Add a tsp of honey to it and mix it well. Apply this mask over your cleaned cracked heels. Let it rest for 30 minutes. After that, you can rinse with plain water. Both banana and honey act as a moisturizer that soften the skin on the heels. Banana is loaded with vitamin A, C and B6, while honey helps your skin to stay hydrated. It pulls out moisture from the inner layers of the skin to the outer layers, thereby helping in curing the cracks. After rinsing, apply your regular moisturizer and walk in your home slippers.

Salt Scrub with Pumice Stone:

Cure Cracked Heels using Home Ingredients

If you have a lot of coarse and dead skin at your heels, then you need to remove it first to reveal the fresh and soft skin layer. Just soak your feet in lukewarm water filled with coarse salt. Also add some olive oil to the solution. Soak your feet for 30 minutes and then gently scrub with a pumice stone. This is one of the most common remedies to cure cracked heels. After scrubbing, rinse with normal water and pat dry. Then apply a moisturizer and walk only in your home flip-flops.

Three Oil Massage:

After scrubbing your feet, you can pat them dry and make a solution of three oils – almond oil, castor oil and olive oil. Take this mix and simply apply over your cracked heels twice everyday to heal cracked heels. You can even apply a layer of vaseline over the oil to prevent the oil from drying off. Then wear socks to let the oils work their magic to cure your cracked heels.

Vaseline and Socks:

If you have extremely painful cracked heels and do not want to apply any kind of scrub over them, then you must just clean them with soap and water first and then apply a generous layer of vaseline on the cracks. Then wear socks. Do this every night before sleeping. When you wake up in the morning, you will find softened and healed heels. This remedy should be done for a week or two regularly, until your heels are cured.

These are some simple home remedies to cure cracked heel.