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How to do Skin Care While Traveling To The Hottest City

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During your head outs in Dubai, wearing sunscreen is a must but it is not enough. The scorching heat drains your skin to the deeper levels and you need to enlarge your skincare circle from merely using sunscreen. Because heat is not the only problem while travelling in Dubai. You have to face dust, humidity, and change in the minerals which your skin is used to bearing. Your Skin Care While Traveling is highly affected by minerals that variate in forms and concentration in different regions of the world.

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Your holidays in Dubai shouldn’t go worrying about some new breakout to your skin. To avoid having freckles, pimples, or dehydration of your precious skin, I have compiled some preventive skin care measures. I had this skincare routine during my head outs, especially to the arid desert safari tour. My skincare routine might help you save your skin from sandstorms, dust, and scorching sun rays. These elements drop down your skin tone to dreadful levels. So let’s take a check!

Pro Tips of Adopting a Good Skincare:

The First Thing to Put in Your Backpack:

SUNSCREEN! Never at any cost roam without sunscreen on. The wide hats can’t stop the sun rays from penetrating your skin. To avoid facing problems like uneven skin tone and sunburn, make a good sunscreen for your travel buddy. Invest in a good sunscreen with travel-related properties. Such as you should consider their spectrum If you are travelling tours in Dubai, such as desert safari Dubai. Its sun protection factor and coverage against UVA and UVB rays.

There are thousands of products in the market that claim to be perfect for your skin. But there’s a catch. Your skin needs to breathe during the scorching summer days. Considering this, always get a sunscreen that doesn’t create an oily film on your face. Buy a hydrating sunscreen instead. I used to apply my sunscreen after every 2 hours of interval and still, my skin tone dropped a bit in Dubai.

Invest in a Good Moisturizer:

The regions with extreme temperatures like Dubai pose direct harm to your skin. No matter if you wander by means of air-conditioned vehicles. Air conditions play an equal role in draining your skin of moisture. So in order to retain moisture on your skin, invest in a good moisturizer. Internal hydration is more important than hydrating yourself superficially. Have lots of fluid intakes, eat vegetables, and fresh fruits. Healthy diet aids in hydrating yourself from within.

If you are facing dryness on your skin, carry a water-filled spray bottle and spray it all over your face to hydrate it. Also, use a moisturizer containing Hyaluronic acid. Fat containing moisturizer is a bad idea except you have extremely dry skin.

Pat drying your face after a wash is a pro tip here. Rubbing your face through a towel applies friction which causes extreme damage.

Maintain a Good Hygiene:

Summers invite acne, blackheads, and bumps with open arms. The humid climate can clog your pores with oil and dirt. Wash your face at least two times a day to wipe your skin off of pollution. Kids may also suffer from eczema and other skin conditions due to exposure to irritants. In that case, a visit to the dermatologist is recommended. Use makeup removing wipes and cleanse your face properly when going to bed. These two products are a must-have in your skincare routine if you wear makeup.

Cleansing your face is still essential even if you do not wear makeup. As the removes dirt and oil off your face and lets it breathe. Avoid using warm water as it dries off your skin and is also a cause of summer’s eczema.

Wipe off the Dead Skin by Exfoliation:

Exfoliation comes up in the essentials pile for those who never skip their skincare routine. People who are not so conscious about skin care can move better with sunscreen, moisturizer, and cleansing. Exfoliating is an optional step for them. However, exfoliating plays a huge role in removing dead skin cells.

If you want to have flawless skin, go ahead and get a good exfoliator. But beware, its overuse can cause skin damage and rash. A mild exfoliator lets the moisturizer stay on your skin as it has good absorbing properties. Scrubbing your face twice a week gives you smooth & flawless skin with unclogged pores. Go for an exfoliator with light ingredients. Apply a moisturizer after scrubbing your skin if you have a sensitive one.

Eye and Lip Care:

Eyes and lips get ignored by many when they adopt a skincare routine. However, they need your equal attention. Keep your eyes protected from the harsh UV rays by wearing shades. Protection of lips requires the application of a hydrating lip balm that has SPF in it.

Moreover, you can try remedies like homemade face masks or sugar & honey scrub for lip care. Keep your checks ins & check outs less time consuming by adopting a simple skincare rule. Protect, Moisturize, and Cleanse!


Summer holidays are meant to be enjoyed madly diving into the waters, going on road trips, and having fun with your squad. Having skin conditions like sunburn, freckles, and various kinds of allergies due to UV and dust are is common. So, in order to stay reckless during your summer holidays, the above-mentioned skincare is a must.

Your vacations in Dubai require extra protection of your skin and a diet full of refreshing fruits and green vegetables. Adding healthy food to your diet not only hydrate your skin but also works as an energy booster.

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Planning a skincare routine and investing in quality products and food is a part of your summer holidays. Your health is the major concern while you are on a journey. So drink buckets full of water, consume healthy, and follow a good skincare routine strictly so that you can pose recklessly at your favourite destinations.