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My Skin is Tan Dull what Products I should Use my Face

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I am a woman in my late 20s. I recently visited a tropical beach for a party. I had gotten tanned badly on the face and neck. My skin had uneven patches of light brown to dark brown on my otherwise wheatish complexion. I even had skin burns on my cheeks. I was in a dilemma because I was looking ugly and had to attend a function soon. I went to a doctor to get suggestions for tan removal.

Classic Glow White Cream:

I went to a dermatologist and was recommended to use classic glow white cream for the removal of tan and to soothe my irritated skin. The doctor suggested that this cream is better than regular facials. The results are long lasting and have more benefits for the skin. The doctor explained that tanning affects the topmost layer of the skin. This cream gently exfoliates the burned/tanned skin to reveal the soft and new skin from underneath. It renders the skin looking soft, supple, hydrated and glowing.

Maintain your Skin after Tanning:

Tan fades off on its own at times but it takes a lot of time. It is particularly distressing if you have to go for a function or an event with a tanned or darker complexion. With the benefits of home remedies or scrubs, one can have a glowing skin within a few hours. 

So, if your skin is tan or if you got a bad tan and are looking for a tan cream, I would recommend you to use Classic Glow White Cream.

Classic Glow White Cream Special in White and Yellow


  • This cream is supposed to be used at night only. Night is the time when your skin heals and so you should apply this cream on your tanned body just before sleeping.
  • Classic Glow White cream was launched around 6 to 7 years ago in India and since then, it has got rave reviews.
  • Not for kids
  • Do not rub much. This cream automatically absorbs in the skin pores and you are not supposed to rub it much.
  • It is an absolute herbal product and hence there is no possibility of side effects of this cream.
  • This cream is best for pigmentation, tanning, and pimples.

So, if you are interested in this product, you can search this product on Amazon or Flipkart. You will get more reviews of this product on YouTube.

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