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Refer to facial care ways to have healthy and beautiful skin

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Over time, our skin will age and sag, especially the current work requires women to wear makeup all day long, causing severe skin damage. So skincare is the extremely important and especially facial skin. We should take care of a young age to avoid serious consequences in the future. There are many ways to take care of the skin every day but are you guys doing the right thing? Check out the article on facial skincare below with dominant beauty trends today to have the most beautiful and healthy skin!

Instructions on effective facial care methods

There are many ways to effectively take care of your face, let’s refer to the ways below!

I .Wash your face properly

This is the first and most important facial skincare step for your girlfriend to have healthy and clean skin. The effect of cleansing is to remove dirt, dead cells, excess oil, and makeup on your skin to help clear, clean, and prevent acne. You need to wash your face twice a day in the morning after waking up and at night before bed.

Wash your face - 10 minutes for mom

1.Wash your face with water and cleanser

  • Before washing your face, wash your hands first to avoid harmful bacteria that make your skin prone to blemishes.
  • After washing your face, use moderately warm water to deeply clean your face.
  • Finally, you rinse your face with cool water to help give the skin elasticity.

Note: Electric face cleanser plays a very important role. Choosing the correct cleanser for your skin is fundamental

2.Wash your face with a washing machine

There are many types of face washers to choose from 1 brush head washer, scrubbing machine …

To get rid of dirt on your face in no time, you should use a face wash that is both convenient and effective. Wanting the best results, choosing a brush tip for your face is a very important factor that will help your skin not be itchy, uncomfortable to use, but also bring great results in cleansing your face. your.

  • Wash face swirl clockwise, from bottom to top, from inside skin to help firm skin, prevent sagging. Should only wash within 45-60 seconds, lightly touch the face to clean and feel smooth. Do not rub it vigorously to avoid damaging your skin.
  • Only use the face wash once a day as a beauty routine at night will help you get the best results in cleansing your face. If you use the device too often, the skin barrier will be broken due to the removal of natural oils on the skin, causing the skin to secrete a lot of oil, making your skin more oily than usual.

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II. Steam your face

1. Mechanical steam

Currently, on the market there are many types of facial steam machines on the market such as ion technology facial steam machines, Nanocare facial steam-machines …

Step 1:

  • Clean your face with makeup remover or cleanser.

Step 2:

  • Add cool boiled water to the water in the machine. Place a few slices of lemon, essential oils, or fresh herbs in the separate drawer of the machine.
  • For girls with oily skin, fresh lemon and mint are the best choices. For touchy and dry skin, add a bit chamomile or lemon. Alternatively, you can also use lavender or rosemary if you have normal skin. For acne-prone skin, you should use essential oils to treat acne, small 5-6 drops into the holder.
  • Then, use a large towel and cover your head with a towel to prevent the steam from escaping, so the facial steam will be more effective.
  • When you are steaming, pay attention to the position of your face so that hot water is right up to your face and be sure to close your eyes to avoid the herbs in the steam that can irritate your eyes.

It is worth noting that you should only steam your face for 15 – 20 minutes until the water stops and should not steam for more than 20 minutes. In case you have sensitive skin, you only need to inhale for 10-15 minutes.

Step 3:

After you finish steaming your face, rinse your face thoroughly with warm water and dry. You can do this beauty method about twice a week without harming your skin.

Step 4:

  • Now that your skin is clean and the pores open, this is the best time for you to perform the facial exfoliation and continue with the second process of applying a mask because when That pores are opened, making it easy to remove all dirt at the root and also the time to apply the mask with the highest effect because then the nutrients will be better absorbed by the skin.
  • After applying your face, rinse with warm water for 1 turn and then rinse with cool water to narrow your pores as they were. A steam bath also helps soften blackheads and whiteheads, so it’s easy to remove them. Therefore, you must remember to ensure hygiene when taking pimples, do not use your hands to squeeze because it is easy to spread bacteria on the skin, especially for pustules.

For more convenience, you can use an exfoliating machine available on the market.

So we have completed the simple and time-saving facial steps by machine to have the best skin!

2. Manual steam bath

This method will take more time than steaming with a machine, but if you are inconvenient or unable to afford it, you can still do it properly. Let’s see how to do manual sauna at home below!

steem bath - 10 minutes for mom


  • 01 small stainless steel kettle.
  • 01 soft cotton towels.


  • Boil a sufficient amount of water in the pot, in case you use the water of the leaves, wash the leaves, put in the pot to boil for 10 minutes to get the leaves out of the nutrients. If you are using essential oils, just bring to a boil and add one of your favorite essential oils to the pot and cover the pot tightly.
  • You tie your hair neatly and wash your face, then pat dry with a soft cotton towel. Then you put the pot of water used to steam your face on a wide, airy surface so that you can steam in the most comfortable and convenient way.
  • Cover your head and pot with a towel, keep your face 30cm away from the pot. You must not get too close because the heat of the steam will damage your skin so slowly open the lid to let the steam rise, spread over the face as if you do beauty steam. Facial skin about 20 minutes to take care of steam. You should “pat your skin”, remove all dirt, excess oil, help the skin effectively clean deeply, erase wrinkles.
  • When the pot has just cooled down, use a soft cotton towel to gently pat dry your face, at this time you will definitely feel extremely relaxed and comfortable.

III. Mask

Currently, on the market there are many types of masks: paper masks, mud masks, clay or fruit, and food masks … Each type will have different notes, but in general, you must ensure. The following basic principles:

  • To properly apply the mask, you must first cleanse your skin
  • Before applying the mask, do not forget to remove all layers of makeup as well as to conduct special exfoliation in the T-zone, the eyebrow area. This will help each pore clear of dust, acne-causing bacteria, help the mask’s nutrients penetrate deeply without causing clogging, allergies, and acne.

Don’t forget to clean the neck and hands too!

1. Paper mask

You unpack and take out the mask soaked with nutrients, open the mask and place them on your face, since these paper masks are all the same size but each person has a different face size so you have to hug when masking or not is very different from person to person.

Then start to apply the mask from the forehead, then down the eye area, to the cheeks, nose, and the area of ​​the lips so that the mask covers and adheres evenly to the face with no air inside.

2. How to mask mud, clay. Masks made from natural ingredients such as turmeric, honey, cucumber, aloe vera …

Usually, these types of masks will be taken directly from the product box or poured into the available tools. If taken directly from the box, either with a tool like a small spoon or mixing it into a bowl, prepare a brush, at least limit the mask using your hands directly, will transmit bacteria.

If using a brush, choose a soft mask that will not irritate the skin. Canopy a thick layer, not thin it!

Clean face properly after applying the mask

Whatever mask you are wearing, clean your face immediately after applying it. The most common way is to wash your face with cold, cool water. Do not use hot water at this time, and if possible roll your face with ice because this step will bring effective skincare effects.

Note when covering the face

  • When you wear a mask to limit your laughter, wrinkles will appear without moving your facial muscles.
  • Masking can be considered as an effective method for facial skin, but should not be applied as often as it is just an extra step of skincare. Do not be too hopeful that just using a regular mask can turn bad skin into beautiful skin, but it depends on many different steps and skincare products.
  • Oily skin, acne skin can still apply a paper mask, but you must pay attention to choose the type and ingredients in the mask more carefully, avoiding too many nutrients that contribute to squash, the easier it is to acne and make skin sensitive. than. Should choose one that has anti-inflammatory, cleansing, hydrating … properties for the skin.

IV. Face massage

You can use a facial massage machine or use your hands. For skincare like going to Spa, we recommend using the machine to get the best effect. You can easily take care of your skin with 4 processes: cleansing, moisturizing, preparing, moisturizing, and regenerating the skin.

face massage - 10 minutes for mom

Especially, there is an anti-aging massage machine line that many women hunt for ageless skin.

1. Face massage

You should use the massage machine once a day as a habit at night, which will help you get the best results in cleansing your face. If you use the device too often, the skin barrier will be broken due to the removal of natural oils on the skin, causing the skin to secrete a lot of oil, making your skin more oily than usual.

In addition, you can also manually massage your face according to each area of ​​your face: the T-zone, the chin, the corner of the mouth, the eye area … You should use your hands to massage upwards to avoid sagging skin!

V. Use rose water

Rosewater will help you have smooth skin. The main function of rose water is to fix pores, evacuate debasements, and adjust the pH of your skin. Besides, rose water also keeps skin firm and controls sebum, and it also helps complete the removal of your makeup.

You need to choose the right rose water for your skin because most rose water has different proportions of salicylic acid. If you have a combination or oily skin types, use a product with a high percentage of salicylic acid. If you have dry and sensitive skin, it’s best to use one with little or no salicylic acid.

VI. Use lotion

Washed skin requires an appropriate moisturizer to keep the skin smooth, soft, and full of vitality.

Depending on your age as well as your skin condition, you can choose a suitable skin cream. For dry skin, choose a moisturizer. If the skin has many wrinkles, choose a moisturizer that contains anti-aging essences …

Before leaving the house during the day, you need to apply sunscreen or apply a sunscreen containing sunscreen ingredients with SPF 15 or higher. On rainy days or during winter, you should still maintain this habit to help your skin avoid harmful effects from the sun.

After applying lotion, massage the circle gently and pat gently on the face of the skin so that the moisturizer quickly absorbs the nutrients from the lotion.

VII. Living in moderation

  • Choose a diet that suits your skin.
  • Sleep enough 8 hours a day for your skin to rest and regenerate in time, avoiding the appearance of wrinkles or pimples.
  • Add to the daily menu vegetables, vitamins, and minerals that are beneficial for the skin.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Exercising daily exercise will also help your metabolism go faster and your skin becomes rosy and healthier.
  • You can walk, run, jump rope, do aerobic exercise, or simply bounce to the music while cooking or cleaning your house to save time and beautify at the same time!