Why cosmetic surgery is more harmful than good: Reasons to avoid it

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Cosmetic surgery was once considered taboo, has surprisingly become quite common nowadays. In fact, this trend is rising around the world. Despite the rising awareness of self-love, a vast majority of people are still opting for aesthetics.

However, most people don’t know that the underlying results are harmful underneath this superficial glitz and glam. For this reason, most people who previously had a job done are now going for procedures to get rid of the toxic residues from their bodies.

Cosmetic Surgery: Is it Worth It?

There are plenty of reasons why cosmetic surgery is dangerous. For one, it encourages low self-esteem by marketing the fact that you should change your face or your body, especially in women.

By setting unrealistic beauty standards in society, the beauty industry and the aesthetic sector encourage people to get themselves modified to fit the so-called beauty criteria set up by society.

Of course, people don’t necessarily see it in that manner. The ads are sugar-coated to plant the seeds of self-loathing. How so? By encouraging an unachievable image of beauty, artificially.

You see, our bodies are unique, and each of us is blessed with a distinctive body type that highlights our individuality.

It is better to improve your body image and strive for the things that will enhance your uniqueness rather than attempting to manipulate yourself to fit the perceptions of others; rather than try hard to achieve society’s beauty standards, we should embrace our flaws.

The drawbacks and risks associated with cosmetic surgeries further make them unsuitable in the long run. Because of the rising awareness regarding the downsides of cosmetic procedures, many people are now getting Biopolymer Injections to remove the residue of fillers from their bodies.

Furthermore, our bodies, especially women, undergo many changes during pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding. The changes women embrace throughout their lives make them an easy target for the aesthetic industry since embracing such changes can be pretty overwhelming emotionally and physically.

Recent plastic surgery statistics indicate that women account for 92% of cosmetic procedures. Most women tend to steer them towards this path when they finally break under the pressure of society. This allows no room for the consequence and time to consider the after-effects of the surgery.

In this piece, we’ll talk about the harmful effects of cosmetic surgery.

Complications & Risks Related to Cosmetic Surgery:

Every time you mess with the body’s natural balance, you face the risk of creating new and even more complicated problems.

The same is valid with cosmetic procedures; you become susceptible to complications when undergoing cosmetic/plastic surgery.

Aesthetics can have the following risks and complications:

1. Medical Complications:

No surgery is without risk. However, willingly changing a part of your body in hopes of ‘looking better isn’t worth it.

Why? There is a possibility of deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism; a blood clot usually forms in deep veins. If they occur, they can be fatal. Additionally, they increase the risk of infection.

Organ damage is another possibility. Perforations and punctures in the viscera are common after liposuction. These can occur when the surgical probe makes contact with internal organs. In other words, recovering from these injuries can take multiple surgeries, causing more issues. In fact, perforations themselves can be fatal.

Apart from surgeries, even if you’re going for non-invasive procedures such as fillers, you must be aware of the risks associated. Studies show that in the long run, Botox fillers can cause severe damage to the body.

2. Physical Complications:

Another horrible example is fat suction from the thigh areas. When the patient gains weight, it distributes unevenly to regions like the abdomen or the back. This procedure ultimately ends up destroying fat cells.

Perhaps, the scariest part is the potential of causing deformities. A young woman named Marilyn Leis went through a simple procedure for her eyes, which turned into thirty more until she could no longer blink.

There are more problems if a patient is emotionally unstable or financially insecure. It is common for people who are already insecure (as these patients usually are) to suffer a severe blow to their confidence if the surgery does not go well.

3. Psychological Effects of Plastic Surgery:

A common observation is that the picture the media paints is very different from the patient’s reality. They are seldom prepared for the mental and emotional costs that come with the procedures.

In addition to the stress of surgery, lack of sleep, and recovery effects like pain, fatigue, and swelling, most people have depression after undergoing surgery. Due to the patient’s pre-existing emotional baggage, these side effects cause more harm.

4. Highly Visible:

Despite most aesthetic experts claiming no one will be able to guess that you had a job done, the reality is quite different. Regardless of how good a surgeon is, it is inevitable that people will tell you had surgery.

The likes of Madonna, Nicole Kidman, and Kylie Minogue, to name a few, have the means to pay for the best. Still, those frozen looks aren’t an improvement in any standard.

5. Lifespan is Too Short:

Contrary to what aesthetic experts claim, the lifespan of these procedures isn’t lasting. Even if you get breast implants, you need to regularly visit your doctor for check-ups because they can easily leak.

It doesn’t matter if you’re going for a surgical procedure or a non-invasive one; if you get yourself modified, you must be prepared to burn a lot of cash.

Whether you want to undergo aesthetic procedures to regain your long-lost confidence or want to look better, you’re taking the wrong path!

Because going for surgery to feel good about yourself might lead to you going on a downward spiral of constant fixing and tweaking. Getting breast implants will not solve anything if the real issue is low self-esteem. Accept yourself as you are.

The Verdict:

In the end, you choose between reservations and preferences. It isn’t a good idea to undergo surgery purely for the sake of becoming more attractive.

Plastic surgeries can be helpful in case of medical complications or accidents, but getting them just to fit in the world of glamour isn’t worth it.