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6 Simple Tricks to Tackle Bad Bathroom Odor

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Nothing is worse than walking into a bathroom and being welcomed by a nose-wrinkling awful smell. Everyone wants a clean and fresh-smelling bathroom, especially when guests are over. While it is basic etiquette to keep the bathroom clean and odor-free, it also prevents bacteria from creating a dangerous ground for various diseases.

Many people think that the kitchen is high-maintenance because it is frequently used for cooking purposes. However, that’s not true; bathrooms should be first on the list for cleaning. An unclean restroom is a home to bacteria and foul smells. It is an area that should stand out for its cleanliness and hygiene. When using the toilet, it is important to have a good smell so that you feel comfortable and, at the same time, keep away from health hazards.

From poor cleaning, clogged drains to inadequate ventilation, a bathroom is likely to have a bad smell for various reasons. So let’s check out the sources of the odor and figure out how to get rid of them.

  1. Air Fresheners :

Irrespective of how fancy a bathroom design is, it is still where odors can accumulate. While there are many ways you can fight off the bad smell, the most common and typical one is to use an air freshener for bathrooms. Not only is it the easiest and most practical solution to keep the dirty smell bombs at bay if you buy a strong natural scent, but it will also give your home a cozy feel.

While leaving a spray bottle in the restroom is beneficial, it is not the only solution to diminish bad smells. Air fresheners use volatile substances that convert molecules from liquid to gas. Cyclodextrin is the critical molecule in air fresheners that eliminates odor. Although using air fresheners causes no harm to health, it is advisable to avoid using them around people who suffer from respiratory conditions or are allergic to the ingredients in the air freshener.

  1. Clean the bathroom:

Regularly cleaning the toilet is one of the easiest and best ways to get rid of the odor. It is important to clean the toilet, sink, and shower. Use specific cleaning products or a mixture of vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice to diminish bad smells effectively.

Unhygienic conditions are a home ground to bacteria and diseases with foul smells as a bonus. Setting up a cleaning routine once a week and utilizing products that target bacteria and odor ensures a fresh-smelling bathroom. However, certain cleaners only work on specific surfaces like sinks, tubs, and tiles.

  1. Install a Proper Ventilation System:

A sound-quality ventilation system helps eliminate humidity in the bathroom and removes the bad smells. For the air to pass swiftly, you must install an appropriately sized ventilation fan in the restroom. You will need 50 cubic feet of air per toilet and 50 cubic feet per tub to allow the fan to exchange the odor with clean air eight times every hour.

You don’t have to ventilate only after using the toilet; either turn on the fan or open a window after a bath as well.

  1. Keep an eye out for damp towels:

There is a big chance that one of the culprits for that bathroom smell is a damp towel. Towels can become a mildewed mess if they are piled on the floor or left folded while still wet. The growing bacteria or a colony of microorganisms in the damp towel can leave the small space area smelling bad.

To prevent the catastrophe of damp towels, make a habit of hanging them up right after use. Wash these three times a week. Shift them immediately into the dryer after washing and clean the lint filter to ensure the dryer works efficiently.

  1. Empty the Trash:

Trash bins can also be the cause of foul smells. It is easy to fight off trash can odor in the bathroom by simply taking out the waste. Do not wait for the dustbin to overflow before you empty it; do it daily even if there’s just one tissue in it! Even an empty sitting trashcan will fuel the stink. To avoid it, you can place a few drops of essential oil inside the empty bin, so a fresh scent pops every time you open the lid.

  1. Fix Sewage Problems:

Sewage smell is not something anyone wants in their homes; and toilets! There could be various reasons why your restroom might be home to a foul-smelling drain, from an issue with the drain in the shower to a vent pipe not appropriately installed. Two things are likely to happen if there is an issue in the toilet seat, it could cause sewer gasses to accumulate in the washroom, or if the seal is leaking water around the toilet, the growing bacteria will create a stench.

Products used during showers create a biofilm that is the primary source of bathrooms smelling like sewage. Just as getting rid of bacteria is necessary, cleaning biofilm is essential. Dip the drain cover after taking it off into the disinfectant and spin it around the drain to remove the biofilm.


Maintaining a fresh-smelling bathroom is part of household etiquette. Regardless of how regularly you keep it clean, there is always a chance for a smell-bomb attack. However, to save you the embarrassment, we have offered a list of things you can do to keep the smell at bay!

Calling a professional to fix the broken pipe in the bathroom is also a solution to eradicate a foul smell that doesn’t go away even after regular cleaning. To prevent a breeding ground for bacteria, it is necessary to keep it clean.