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Effective and Proven Tips to Save On Bathroom Vanities to A Great Extent

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It might not be a glamorous part of bathroom renovation, but selecting the right vanities can make or break the design and look of the entire room. If you place it in an awkward place causing inconvenience of movement, use poor material, or choose a vanity without having much storage capacity, the overall functionality of the bathroom will suffer. Nevertheless, there is another big thing that you should take care of and that is cost. Bathroom vanities are often expensive. As such, many homeowners delay their projects or even cancel sometimes. However, this can’t be a solution. There are ways to buy bathroom vanities without breaking the bank.

How to save on bathroom vanities:

  • Avoid changing plumbing fixtures – If you’re on a strict budget about bathroom renovation, changing existing plumbing fixtures won’t be a good option. Better you keep the plumbing unchanged. However, if there is an issue with any of the fixtures, you can’t avoid changing the same.
  • Frame the mirror – The key point of your bathroom is the mirror over the sink. This is a common fact. But why don’t you fancy it up to give the accessory a new and enticing look? Adding a frame to the mirror would give it a classy look. Besides, it would help to hide age-related wear around the edges of the mirror. Discount cabinets with mirrors can also be a good option.
  • Avoid the tiles – Yes, tiles are great for a sleek and clean look. But having the same from the floor to the ceiling can cost you a lot. So better you opt for alternatives such as reclaimed wood panels. It would create a rustic and warm look. At the same time, it can accentuate the white fixtures as well as other minimalist accessories inside the bathroom.
  • Go online – While people remodel their bathroom or kitchen, they often sell the leftover tiles online. Scour the sites where you can find such items. These usually remain in good condition. You can grab them against a steep discount. However, they are not returnable. You may also visit your local home improvement stores for the extras.
  • Install a DIY vanity – If saving on a bathroom renovation is all you want; don’t miss hitting up the flea markets, antique stores, and resellers nearby for an elegant old dresser. Spruce it up and reuse in place of the old vanity. You may also look for discount bathroom vanities to curtail on the money.
  • Granite remnants are great for the counters – Bathroom vanities are the key point of any bathroom. And thus you must be attentive toward it while renovating the room. Granite can be considered to be a sure fire way of creating an improved appearance. To save considerably on the bathroom remodeling, visit local granite stores. You may find smaller vanity-top size pieces made from granite leftover from the big jobs. They usually sell them at a discount price.

As it comes to renovating your bathroom on a budget, there are many ways to do so. And the tips cited above are just a few of them.