bathroom design ideas -10 minutes for mom

Beautiful Bathroom Design Ideas

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To  have a beautiful bathroom is no more a luxury but a necessity for today’s generation. To get a beautiful bathroom is easy but to maintain it that way is tough. A bathroom is beautiful in the true sense only when it is maintained properly for long. Here we have some beautiful bathroom ideas that help you fix the common problems and help you maintain their beauty. 

Beautiful Bathroom Ideas:

Shower Door:

The basic purpose of installing a shower door is to ensure that the running water does not splash out, wetting the rest of the bathroom area. The glass door not only adds aesthetic beauty to your interiors but also helps in retaining the splashing water inside and preventing it from leaking outside.

bathroom ideas -10 minutes for mom

Common Issues and their Solutions:

  • Dirty and stained glass doors can be cleaned with high-quality glass cleaners and then sealed with glass sealers. This will prevent hard water dots formation and etching marks.
  • Leaking shower doors can be fixed by using the right door enclosures such as sweeps, seals, drip rails or thresholds.


Grout is the cement and sand mix added between two tiles to join them. Everyone gets grouting done to make their flooring concrete and solid. But you can enhance the look of your flooring by using colored grout paint that can be matched to your tile color. This bathroom design idea is not very costly and also, instantly perks up the look of your flooring.

Common Issues and their Solutions:

  • Grout easily cracks, goes missing or gets stained. You can prevent this by using a grout cleaner to clean the stains and mold thoroughly. You can then repair the missing and cracked grout with adhesive or fillers and then seal the grout lines with epoxy/resin sealers to prevent re-staining.
  • You should use colored grout sealers that are available in many different color options. This way, you can match the grout lines color with your tile surface and also seal them simultaneously.


Many people get natural stone tile in their bathrooms to enhance the beauty and interior look. Natural stone tile adds a rustic look to the decor and also increases the aesthetic beauty.

Common Issues and their Solutions:

  • Tile easily gets cracked or chipped due to heavy impact. If you ignore cracked or chipped tile, it may hurt someone walking barefoot.
  • It may also lead to water being stagnant in the holes, thereby leading to mold breeding. 
  • This can be repaired seamlessly using an epoxy/resin adhesive that does not pop off from the surface. 

bathroom design ideas -10 minutes for mom

Flower Vases and Creepers: 

These instantly add vibrancy and beauty to dull bathroom spaces. You can put small flower pots or vases on your window sill or countertops to add to the aesthetics.

Common Issues and Their Solutions:

  • Real flowers and creepers quickly get spoiled as they need a lot of maintenance.
  • You can switch them with near-real looking flowers and creepers in your bathrooms. This is a clever and beautiful bathroom design idea that instantly adds beauty to dull areas and is also maintenance free.

These are some of the quick fixes to getting beautiful bathroom designs. If you do not have the time or budget to get the entire bathroom renovated, you can just fix the leaks, clean and seal the mold generating areas and add some beautiful accessories.