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5 Bedroom Design Tips

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The bedroom is your place of being everyday at your most relaxed hours. It’s a key place for preparing yourself and storing your most prized possessions as well, so there are a lot of elements to consider when designing your room, choosing furniture, the style, and the layout. Here are 5 tips to think about when designing your bedroom.

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1. Use the Foot Of Your Bed:

Another way to add a place to elegantly place clothes, extra blankets or pillows is making use of the foot of your bed. Common options might be bedroom benches, ottomans with storage, chests, or even an accent chair.

Besides just being a place for storage, you can tie in the design of the piece of furniture of your choice to reinforce the rest of your room’s design. Take for insance the rustic bench in this image and how it matches with the bedframe and shelving.

2. Try Modern and Simplicity:

Try Modern and Simplicity - Bedroom desigin ideas

Modern is a classic design style that focuses on adding simplicity, clean lines and well-crafted furniture and lighting. Notice the distinct simplicity of the pendant lighting and the table lamps? Even the black bordered picture frames and distinct drawers of the shelves add small nuances to the overall modern theme..

3. Make It You:

While working with decor styles is a good way to pull a room together, don’t forget to add the decor that makes you feel at home. Maybe your thing is surfing, skiing, photography, or gardening – whatever it is, don’t be afraid of bringing those things that you love into your bedroom.

4. Make Your Walls Work For You:

Wall art and decor can take many interesting turns and can allow you to exercise a lot of creative freedom finding a way to optimize your room’s function and design. For instance, this room takes a clever approach for its wall art, but you don’t need to stop with just art. Jewelry, ties, shoes – these are all things that could potentially be hung – thus helping declutter – while providing the opportunity to give your room its very own style.

5. Rugs Add Style and Function:

Bedroom Design Tips - rugs and styles

Bedroom rugs play a more subtle role than other rooms, but they still play an important role. For one, they add dimension and texture to the room and let you add additional color. Also, if you have hardwood floors, a rug is great for keeping bare feet warm at night or in the morning. A bedroom runner rug on each side of the bed is a common design style.

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