Bedroom Designing Ideas - 10 minutes for mom

Amazing Bedroom Designing Ideas to Spruce Up your Homes

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Are you looking for some affordable bedroom ideas? Handmade decorative items for walls are a must have if you want a stylish room with a personal touch. Items like handmade bed sheets, table décor and wall-hangings speak volumes of your style quotient and décor preference. Your décor choice will definitely garner you accolades of praises amongst friends and family if you get some handmade and pretty décor items for your bedrooms.

Bedroom Designing Ideas:

Wall Decor:

Handmade decorative items for walls and decorative items for bedrooms include items like bedsheets, cushion covers, wall hangings, paintings, table lamps, show pieces and many such items. These instantly perk up a dull décor and add a touch of personal style and vibrancy to your room. You can get your personal pictures enlarged and framed to be put on the wall. You can even do some scrapbook of your travel history and pin it up on your bedroom wall.


A quick, soothing and affordable way to add a stylish quotient to your bedroom is to get indoor plants and place them on your side-tables, desk or on top of shelves. The natural green plants are not only good for the feng shui part of view, but also add a very soothing and appealing look to your rooms.

Bedroom Designing plant ideas - 10 minutes for mom

Bedsheets and Pillows:

An instant way to liven up your bedroom is to spread an appealing bed sheet and add some quirky and stylish pillows on the bed and sofas. Quirky prints on pillows are a great bedroom idea for bachelors and young women.

Carpets and Curtains:

Last, but not the least, curtains and carpets are essential bedroom accessories that jazz up the entire look. Your bedroom ideas can be enhanced by putting up matching or complementary carpets and cushions. You can go in for curtains with sheer and dark fabrics so that you can have a total blackout when required or just let the sheer curtains bring in light and beauty.


If you can stretch your budget a bit more, then stylish wallpapers do make stylish rooms. You can either put up a soothing print wallpaper all over the room or just choose to highlight one wall with a bold print. If you do not want a bold print, you can even go in for a self-textured print. Often changing the color of the walls can get to a very messy painting job which might take a few days. But wallpapers are cool bedroom ideas that can be done within a day. These instantly change the entire look and give a very stylish makeover to your room.

Interesting Artefacts:

These bring a personal touch to your room. So whether you prefer dressy figurines and flower vases or quirky artefacts from around the world, a bedroom is incomplete without displaying some of these on your side tables, dressing tables, cabinets or study tables. Make sure to keep statement and minimal pieces that stand out and also blend in with your decor.

Interesting Artefacts - 10 minutes for mom

All these above-mentioned tips are bedroom ideas that instantly add a stylish touch to any room. If you cannot afford to get civil work done on your bedroom and yet want to change the look, then you can consider changing the accessories. These work out reasonable, are less time-consuming and can be changed completely after a few months when you get bored of them. Lastly, you also need to keep everything neatly and in order to get a stylish bedroom look. Consider these bedroom ideas for an instant change in your room.

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