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DIY Halloween Crafts to Make Every Inch of Your Home

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Halloween is lurking around the corner and it is a great time to indulge into some creative activity. Ofcourse, the market will be flooded with amazing options, but there is something touchy and nostalgic about handmade crafts. It reminds you of your childhood days. So, if you love making crafts and artefacts at home, now is the time to make some Halloween crafts. Put them up all over your house to take some amazing and jaw-dropping photos for Instagram.

DIY Halloween Crafts

Haunted Balloons:

Now this is a great trick to make your balloons Halloween-friendly. Just put a glow stick inside the balloons to make them shine. They will look all spooky in the dark.

Prickly  Pumpkins:

Cactus plays a significant role in Halloween. Keep the trend going this year too. If you can get real cactuses, arrange them as decor. Else, you can get pumpkins and paint them in hues of blue and green. Decorate them with paper to look like they are cactuses.

Creepy Snacks:

Preparing your plate of goodies, cookies and snacks. Remember to add some gummy eyeballs, worms and fingers inside the snacks to make them look scary as hell!

Backdrop and Decor:

Toilet paper is an easy and cheap craft item to use for your halloween decor. Just roll them up and stick some colored paper on them. Prepare a garland of these rolls to hang on the walls as a decor. Also stick in bits of candy or sweets in between.

Ghostly Pinatas:

What is a Halloween party without pinatas? Now is the time to get creative with your pinatas. You can prepare pinatas with a ghost face to give a feel of the festive season.

Witches and Warlocks:

Draw and paint witch silhouettes on cardboard paper to line up your walls. You can draw and paint these in black. Do not forget to stick a colored ribbon as a decor to enhance the effect. If you want to take this portrait to the next level, make a broom-like craft with wool to stick beside the witch face.

Skulls and Candles:

Got skulls? Well, you will have to get these from your nearest Halloween store. Once you get the silhouettes, you can make them creepier with a silly and easy DIY idea. Just light some candles on the skulls and let the wax melt to give a more scary feel. The skulls can be your candle holders.

This way, you can decorate your house with these amazing and easy DIY Halloween crafts. 

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