Maintain your Plants - 10 minutes for mom

Easy DIY Activity to Maintain your Plants

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Most families today have become nuclear. While living nuclear does have its pros and cons, there is definitely one major problem a nuclear family faces while they travel is to water their plants. Watering and maintaining your precious plants while you are away on holiday can be really tough especially if you have numerous plants set up in your kitchen garden or balcony.

In this article below, we have come up with some amazing tricks which help water your plant and maintain them in great condition even while you are holidaying somewhere across the globe. These DIY plant watering tips are a traveler’s best friend. 

DIY Tips to Protect your Plants when you are Travelin

1.Drip Water Irrigation System:

A clever trick, this one ensures that your plants get sufficient water even while you are away. You only require a cheap water bottle with a cap for this method. Water your plants sufficiently with enough water before you insert this water-filled bottle upside down into the soil else the bottle will empty quickly. Make a few holes in the cap of the bottle and insert it upside down into the soil. The water will drip slowly from the bottle into the soil ensuring that your plant does not run dry.

2. String Water Irrigation System:

If you do not like the look of an upside down bottle inserted into your plants, then we have another clever hack. You will need thick cotton or nylon string and a bottle of water. Cotton or a nylon string is water absorbent making it very efficient for this watering fix. You need to dip one end of the string into the bottle filled with water and place the other end of the string into the soil of your plant. The string absorbs water from the bottle and waters your plant.

Water Irrigation System - 10 minutes for mom

3. Make a miniature Greenhouse:

This one is an excellent trick to water your plants. It is a self-sustainable way to make your plants survive on their own. All you need is a plastic bag, some bamboo poles and a rubber band or a string. Poke the bamboo poles into your soil much above the height of your plant. Put the plastic bag over poles ensuring that it does not touch the foliage. Fasten the plastic bag to the pot with a rubber band or a string. This is a self-sustainable green-house arrangement.

4. Damp towel beneath:

If you just have a small number of potted plants, then this technique will work well for you. Place a damp towel in your kitchen sink and place the potted plant with its drain hole on the damp towel. The soil will absorb moisture from the towel when it needs water.

5.  Damp Newspapers:

For large pots, you can place damp newspapers on top of the soil in your pots. The newspapers absorb moisture and provide the same to the soil as and when it requires. This tip will be useful if you are travelling for upto 4 days only.

These clever hacks will ensure that your precious flora and fauna at home remains intact while you are holidaying away from home.