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The education system of UK, where is the perfect model for the world, has its bitter truth as well. However, where the world sees UK education sector as the best, on the other end, it is doing drastic changes in its schooling system. It was reported that by 2020, the schools in UK would be transits to academies. Now, the question is, why is there is a need to transform the school into academies? What will be the benefit of it?Are there any negative impacts of this transition? In addition, how this is going to affect education in the schooling system?

Benefits of school turning into academies:

The schooling system across UK is about to change its schools into academies and the questions linked with this act are raised, what is the need for this change? To answer this question, this article refers to certain paradigms. However, discussing specifically the advantages underlined within this specific action is that changing the schools into academies is more suitable as it gives more power to the locals, as the government is not likely to interfere in this situation and private schools will have more hold over their academies. Headmaster or teachers will be given more right and they will have more hold over the institute’s rules and regulations, and they will have the freedom to teach as many subjects as they want to. In addition, the recruitment and pay scheme will be dependent upon the headmasters.

Demerits of school turning into academies:

On the other hand, where headmasters are satisfied with this transmission other teachers are not in favour with this act as they mentioned on many accounts that the school funding is cut-off, the numbers of teachers are reduced, classrooms are congested due to pupils and time-consuming variations have to be made in the projects. Moreover, it deprives the credibility of the education sector and it originates situations based on biasness and injustice. However, this does not end here, but the reason involved in this perspective is not retained anywhere else than business. This transition is completely based on the transformation of schools, colleges, and universities into moneymaking machines. Well, whatever be the reason the already present academic firms like cheap essay writing service uk is playing an important role in helping students very much and with great favour of cheap pricing.

What is the purpose behind this?

Nevertheless, the main thing behind school turning into academies is based on business. However, it also increases the working hours as no authorities other than the school headteachers are the ruling party and under their commands, the credit hours are increased, which not only challenge the concept of schooling. It also comprises the examination hours, as pupil do not get enough time to cover their courses because of increased schooling hours indirectly affecting the performance of the students.

However, these academies are transformed into separate corporate divisions. Thus, it is declining the potential of the educational sector in UK. Moreover, the educational sector with this new transformation is destroying the ethical way of education. Several factors are involved in this aspect, which causes the destruction of the educational sector of Britain. Following are the factors, which are deemed to be the reason behind this diversification of the schools into academies.

To terminatethe nativesystem:

The first impact that has to be faced by the education sector is that it will destroy the local authorities. Turning school into academies gives all its holds to the school headteacher rather than the local authorities. That leads the headmasters of schools or academies to lead and guide the curriculum of the institutes.

To separatenativeinstitutes:

With the new modification it will cause a sort of dispute among the institutions, as their curriculum, timings, and amount of money, i.e. tuition fees and many other things will have diversity. This will ultimately change the outlook of every institute and will create competition among the schools.

To generateantagonism among institutes:

When the institutes are given hold of all the rights and regulations, then it will create a certainty of competition, and the credibility of education will be deprived as the quality of education will not remain as usual because the competition will increase the tuition fees and for the betterment of schools infrastructure; education will be compromised ultimately.

To make working criteria disorganized:

The headmasters are monitoring the working conditions, and they have no certain pattern to make their employees work in a proper direction. However, the principals of schools should understand and should know how they are going to handle the school administration. In addition, they should also work in such a manner that most of the efforts are obtained from their staff.

Betterment of education is not concerned:

This new business medium is certainly not setup for the betterment of education but to earn huge amount of money out of the schooling institutes, as more hours requires more money. However, the credibility of education is depriving in this situation. The future is at stake due to such activities.

Destroying workers’ rights:

The workers’ rights are exploited, as they are not given their rights. Moreover, they are burdened with extra work by the increase of the working hours. In addition, for their extra time, they are not paid enough for that. Moreover, the job requirements and rules have been changed, which challenges the culture of schooling. The teachers are not paid well, else than that duration of classes have been increased. The numbers of students per class are increased, which fully occupies the teachers with an extra load of work, i.e. loads of assignment check that is time taking.

Treating parents as clients:

By this change of school into academies, parents are not left with more authority, as they do not have enough to say in the school matters and they are just one who pays fees and provides funds for the schools. Moreover, they have to obey the school’s rules and regulations and have to follow them accordingly. That makes the school heads as the dominating body and parents as the customers.

Turning schools into academies is nothing less than making education a business, by increasing time and charginga greater amount of money no matter the quality of education being compromised.