Balcony Decoration Ideas

Ultimate Balcony Decoration Ideas

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A balcony is a place where you unwind after a long day sipping a hot cuppa coffee or you spend a few minutes in the morning sunlight before you kick start your day. In apartments and small flats, a balcony is the most important outlet that helps you breathe some fresh air or look at some greenery around. Here are some balcony decoration ideas that will help you deck up your space.

Often, balconies are neglected parts of houses and are only used to dump useless household items. But, if you use your space wisely, you can have a lovely outdoor space in your flat that connects you to the outside world beautifully. Before we begin, here are some important updates that will help you make an informed decision.

Why do you Need a Balcony?

Why do you Need a Balcony

If used wisely, a balcony can be very useful in small or medium-sized flats and apartments.

  • If you do not like drying clothes in a dryer, a balcony is a place where you can dry your clothes on a clothes dryer.
  • Balconies are small or big openings in boxed flats or apartments that let in sunshine and fresh air. 
  • A balcony can be used as a small outdoor space where you can sit with your friends or family members for some quiet time. 
  • You can unwind after a long day and relax in your balcony sipping tea or coffee.
  • It offers a great outdoor space for growing all your favorite outdoor plants.
  • You can even grow your small kitchen garden in your balcony.
  • You can build some storage space here to store a lot of household items.
  • One can place some lovely outdoor couches or furniture in the balcony so that it helps you use the space better.
  • It feels lovely to listen to some music while relaxing on your couch in the balcony when the weather is good and windy.

So, there are many perks of having a balcony. Now there are various types of balconies depending upon the space. Here are some types explained.

Types of Balconies:

There are three kinds of balconies:

  • True Balconies – These come with a deck floor and railings. They have a wider floor and one can walk on the floor. It can hold a good amount of people, furniture and plants as well.
  • False Balconies – These come with a narrow deck and rail. Such balconies are designed to support the weight of plants. Such structures have a support system for those who want to stand in the doorway and lean upon the railing.
  • Faux Balconies – These come with a railing but no deck floor. Such structures cover windows or doors. These can be mounted 4 inches or less from the wall. These are designed for decorative and safety purposes.

Balcony Decoration Ideas:

Balcony Decoration Ideas

Install a Swing:

One of the coolest ways to make your balcony useful and appealing is to install a swing. If your balcony comes with an overhang, you can secure the swing on the faux ceiling and relax. Decorate your swing with some bright cushions for a lovely decor.

Balcony Decoration with Plants:

Balcony decoration with plants is a cool way to add some beauty, greenery and nature into your home premises. You can grow your kitchen herbs or just add good luck plants in succulents as well. You can decorate your balcony with pretty pots and planters. 

Big Balcony Decoration:

If your balcony is big enough, you can turn it into your outdoor dining room by placing a relaxing couch and a small dining nook. You can enjoy your alfresco meals here and even entertain a few guests. Enjoy lovely views of nature around. Such balconies look best with minimal but bright colored decor.

Small Balcony Decoration Ideas:

Small balconies can be decorated with lots of space-saving furniture like couches with storage, light cane furniture or ottomans that come with storage. You can even place a rugged wood bench and add some throw pillows. Wall and hanging planters are best for small balconies. You can even place some railing planters to get a pretty look. 

Lighting for Balconies:

Lighting for Balconies

A good and bold pendant light should do the trick for small balconies. You can even place a lamp that adds to the decor as well as illuminates the space. If the ceiling of your balcony is nice and strong, consider installing a small ceiling fan for added comforts in the summer months.

These are some amazing ideas to make the most of your balcony space and decorate it beautifully. When you keep these balcony decoration ideas in mind, your balcony will easily become your favorite space at home.