Beautiful Flower Arrangements

Beautiful Flower Arrangements

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Do you want to decorate your house with some stunning and beautiful flower arrangements? Flower arrangement is an art. While flowers look pretty anyway they are arranged, you can definitely enhance their look by using some technique and style. Over the years, flower arrangement has evolved into a deep subject covering different kinds of arrangements, types, styles, flowers used and more. Here we will discuss some crucial elements of flower arrangements.

What is Meant by Flower Arrangement?

A floral design or set-up is the art of using flowers, foliage and plant greens to create an eye-captivating arrangement that showcases a balanced composition and look. It is a branch of refined floristry where beautiful flowers are given more beauty and appeal by setting them up in diverse patterns, combinations, arrangements and shapes to create an overall stunning display. 

Flower Arrangement

What are the Methods of Flower Arrangement?

The basic method of flower arrangement starts with gathering the various materials. These include your vase/basket/tray and fresh flowers. You then need to proceed step-by-step as explained below:

  • Flower Prep: You begin with cutting the stems of your flowers at roughly 45 degree angle depending upon the height you want them to be in the vase. You also need to remove any leaves that are quite low in the stem, as these will remain immersed in water in the vase.
  • Begin Arrangement: Start arranging the larger bulbs in the middle and the smaller flowers towards the edges. You need to cut the flowers to be placed towards the edges a little shorter than the ones placed in the middle so as to create a nice shape. If you plan to use different kinds of flowers, it is best to add each kind in odd numbers.
  • Re-Align and Balance: You may not get the perfect floral arrangement at once. After you finish, you need to step back to check for empty gaps or weird looking arrangements. You can fill the spots with greenery or re-arrange the flowers to create a balanced look.
  • Secure your Flowers: Once the arrangement has been done, you need to secure the stems so that your set-up remains put. You can use a pretty ribbon or a thin wire around the middle of the stems to secure the flowers and the shape you have created. 

This is how you create a flower arrangement. Well, this is the basic procedure and there is more to this creative task. Let us read more to learn more.

How do I Choose a Flower Arrangement?

Choose a Flower Arrangement

There are basically 9 types of Floral Arrangements:

  1. Elliptical
  2. Vertical
  3. Horizontal
  4. Triangular
  5. Crescent
  6. ‘S’ shaped
  7. Oval
  8. Cascade

These are the basic types of floral arrangements. When  you need to choose the perfect flower arrangement, you need to look for a few factors:

  • Recipient’s Taste:

If you know the recipient likes a particular flower or a color, you can choose a bouquet accordingly.

  • Where to buy the flowers from:

If you know a local florist who is highly rated, then you can order an arrangement to them and have it customized. You can, alternatively, pick up fresh flowers from the local grocery store and arrange them yourself.

  • Plan the type of arrangement:

You can look for ideas online and decide on the type of arrangement you want. Then buy the flowers and the vase accordingly and arrange your flowers.

These points above will help you choose the perfect and most beautiful flower arrangement.

Modern Flower Arrangement

What is a Modern Flower Arrangement?

In this kind of arrangement, you break the traditional old rules of flower design and create an entirely modern looking arrangement with new kinds of flowers, accessories and vase types that were not available in the past. A modern floral decor has more of geometric motifs and oriental style flower arrangements.

What is a Round Flower Arrangement?

As the name suggests, in this kind of arrangement, the space given between the flowers is equal throughout the design. A round flower arrangement is also known as a mound design and, in this, most designs are created in low containers. It is best to choose a particular kind of flower as your primary flower and these can be placed all together into the design, perhaps in the centre. You can then add a secondary flower kind or some other fillers towards the edges later. 

What is Line Flower Arrangement?

Line arrangements are inspired from Japanese flower arrangements. They create mostly Linear patterns with flowers. The Japanese mostly follow a minimalistic pattern with flowers arranged in linear patterns. They use few plant materials only to emphasize on the beauty of the particular flower or foliage used. 

These are some important elements of beautiful flower arrangements.