Bedroom Color Combos

Bedroom Color Combos – Two Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls

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Two color combos for bedroom walls adds an interesting twist to your decor plan. If you find a single color throughout your bedroom very mundane, you can skillfully select the right colors to create a lovely decor look. But, while choosing the right bedroom color combos, you need to analyze the size of the room, color of your furniture, carpets, curtains and bedspreads. All these are the major elements in a bedroom and these, along with the dual coloured walls should be a harmonious marriage with each other.

How to Choose the Right Bedroom Color Combos for Walls?

The right color combinations in a room elevate your mood levels and even soothe you. The colors reflect your personality and showcase your energy levels. While choosing the right bedroom color combos, you need to first think of a few factors. choose a modern bedside table that Blend Convenience and Style in the Bedroom  

  • Size of the Room

Is your room quite big? If yes, then you can go for equal amounts of dual tones on the walls to create interesting decor patterns. If your room is small, you can mellow down on the darker tone and use more of the lighter shade.

  • Purpose of the Room

Do you use your room for work also or only for sleeping and dressing? If you have a small study table in your room, you can put a bright shade like red or orange on those walls, followed by a soothing off-white or white on the others. Red or orange bring about energy and interests and hence are great for a work area.

  • Color of the Furniture

If you have a lot of colored furniture in the room, then your wall colors should be in the same family. For example, if you have a lot of gray furniture, you can go in for a darker shade of gray on one wall, followed by cream, offwhite or white on other walls.

Top 7 Color Combinations for Bedroom Walls:

  • Indigo and White

Indigo and White -Bedroom Color Combos

This combo is one of the most popular combinations as it brings about calmness and relaxing vibes into a bedroom. As indigo is warmer than blue, it brings about a warm ambience into a room. When paired with white, the resultant effect is that of a rich, sharp and cozy environment.

  • Brown and Cream

This combo is one of the most common color combos for bedroom walls. Having a dark brown wall behind your bed makes your living space look very urban and elegant. You can also easily match your grout and tile color in dual tones to create a similar effect on your floor tile. To get the same matching grout color, you can use Caponi, an epoxy resin grout sealer that is available in more than 40 shades.

  • Light Blue and Bright Yellow

One of the new shade preferences today, this combo looks very urban and contemporary. You need to note that in this combo, the yellow should be used in headboard, furniture, curtains, artefacts, carpets, etc, while the walls should all be blue. If  you plan to color a wall in yellow, then ensure that only one wall is yellow, else it would make the room look very gaudy.

Light Blue and Bright Yellow -Bedroom Color Combos

  • Shades of Gray

Painting your bedroom walls in dual or triple shades of gray will create a lovely effect on the overall decor. You can even think of getting a textured gray wall behind the bed and then using lighter and darker shades of gray on the other walls. Play around with various shades of the same family on the furniture, carpets and curtains.

  • Peach and White

A perfect combination for a girl’s room , this combo will create a warmer decor look and induce a calming effect. You can decide to have all the walls peach and only your windows, curtains, bed headboard, furniture, etc in white or vice versa. This combination also looks good with dark brown furniture for the side tables and more.

  • Beige and Burgundy

For those who like a little bold and dressy look in their bedrooms, you can get a bright burgundy shade on the walls, muted with beige shade here and there. It makes your room look very alluring. But this combo looks good in a big sized room only.

  • Light Green with White

Light Green with White - Bedroom Color Combos

This combo is perfect for a couple’s room as per Feng Shui as the light green shade brings about calmness and soothing vibes. You can even choose to have cream or off-white instead of white to create a warmer effect. The key here is to play with minimal green on the curtains, bedside wall and a statement green sofa or chair. The rest can be white to create a visual appeal.

This way, choosing the right bedroom color combos plays a major role in your sleeping patterns, relaxing and personal time. Your bedroom should ooze of calm vibes and the aura should be able to soothe you and put you in a relaxed mode regardless of how tense you are.

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