Christmas Decorating Ideas DIY 2020

Easy DIY Christmas Decorating Ideas

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Christmas is approaching and we all cannot seem to contain our excitement. The thrill and joy of our beloved festival is even more this year because of the quiet and calm that the lockdown forced on all of us. All our earlier festivities have been as minimal as possible and on a very personal level. But now, as things are beginning to normalize, everyone is looking forward to celebrating Christmas with great pomp and show. So, if you too feel the same, there are some easy DIY Christmas decorating ideas that you can start with right now.

Christmas Decorating Ideas DIY

Floral Decor:

Christmas Floral Decor 2020

Impress your family members and guests over a festive treat on the most beautifully arranged dining table. There is something magical and festive about roses and you can set the right vibe and charm your loved ones with fragrant roses showcased beautifully on your dinner table. All you need to do is to buy some pretty and fragrant blossoms from your nearby florist and arrange them up beautifully in vases. You can do these floral arrangements in many different vases kept on dining tables, centre tables and even on cabinets. Flowers instantly light up a dull space and make it look festive.

Ring Wreath:

Christmas Ring Wreath

Wreaths made from flowers, ornaments or any metal accents showcase festivity. These are an important part of Christmas decor. You can now make your own Christmas wreaths using different materials and use them as decor on your Christmas tree or on the entrance of your houses. You can even make small ring wreaths as napkin holders for your dining table. 

Black Paper Tablecloth:

table cloth

Channel your inner artist to make a great Christmas tablecloth. Take any plain fabric or even a butter paper if you want to discard it after the occasion. You can paint anything on the tablecloth, right from a brightly colored Santa Claus to a snow-filled lawn of snow-clad Christmas trees. Spread this tablecloth or painted butter paper on your dining table to showcase your Christmas love and your brilliant artistry.



Christmas ain’t complete without stockings! Take plaid fabric in red or green as these signify the festival totally. Cut out large stockings from these fabrics. You may stitch them yourself or get them stitched by a seamstress. Pin these up on a rope tied on top of your Christmas tree to create a lovely Christmas decor. You can even stuff these up with goodies for your kids on Christmas eve.


Just like stockings, candles are an important part of this beloved festival. You can take your creativity to the next level with our Christmas decorating ideas 2020. Line all your large glass candle jars with some citrusy rinds of oranges or lemons. These will continue to give a fresh aroma, that is bespoke Christmas all over the house. These also give a pop of fresh color. You can also make pine scented candles at home easily. Both these types are an important part of Christmas aromas that waffle through the air everywhere.


Up your decor game by customizing your garlands. All you need to do is to take some construction paper in vivid hues and cut out seasonal shapes. Triangle trees are the best for Christmas decoration ideas. Glue these trees together and hang them from your garland. You can even tie a ribbon in contrasting shades at the end. You can even make felt garland sheaths to be put outside your home entrances or rooms to bring upon a Christmassy feel. All you need to do is to knot felt strips together along a string of twine and then hang this sheath anywhere.


Christmas Lanterns

A quintessential part of Christmas decor, lanterns should be around your house if you want to make a lovely decor. Just throw some string lights inside old lanterns and then cluster them in front of your fireplace or hang them on a rope tied above your Christmas tree. This is an easy way to add light and lanterns to your decor. You can also fill old lanterns with colorful ornaments to create a colorful and welcoming look. 

Jumbo Outdoor Lights:

How about creating some oversized felt Christmas lights for your entrance? You can take some construction paper in vibrant hues and cut them out in jumbo bulb shapes. Stick these on cardboard to add stiffness and then arrange these lights all over the border of your entrance door. Similarly, you can add a string of small lights over these jumbo lights to illuminate these during night.

Christmas Tree:

Christmas Tree

The most important part of your Christmas decor should get a different makeover this year. How about creating a theme based decor on your tree. If  you have a huge tree, you can divide it into different sections, decorating each layer with a different decor material. For example, the top most can have a star and cotton-snowman. The next layer can have ornaments in all metallic shades. The third layer can have candies and chocolates for kids and so on. This kind of theme-based decor ensures that you put everything in your giant Christmas tree. You can also go for any single decor theme all over.

Plaid Bed Covers and Pillows:

To match with your plaid stockings, do not forget plaid bed covers and pillows to match the interior decor theme. If you do not want to add such bright bed covers, you can compensate with a lot of plaid and Christmas-themed pillows all over. Some you can paint while some you can stitch.

Popsicle Snowflakes:

Happiness is homemade and this proves to be entirely true when you indulge with your kids in making popsicle snowflakes diy craft at home. Get a lot of popsicles and fevicol. Arrange these in a popsicle pattern and stick the sticks to one another. Keep making dozens of such popsicles. In the end, do not forget to stick cotton balls or sprinkle silver glitter on these to enhance their look. You can add a few on your Christmas tree, place a few on your dining table and on other table tops. The best part of this traditional christmas decoration is that you will be involving your kids to help  you.

Holly Leaves:

Cut out holly-shaped leaves from paper and paint them in a lovely shade of orange to depict fall weather. Holly leaves with some red cherries in the middle look very pretty and have been made as a part of Christmas decor since time immemorial. You can stick these on your entrance, passage or in your kid’s rooms too.

There is no end to Christmas decoration ideas that can be done yourself at home. DIY decor ideas gives you reasons to indulge in the festivities, indulge in creative and productive work and also spreads a Christmas aura around. Take your imagination to the next level in creating such lovely decor. No need to break into your bank accounts this year, as you can make your own decor items and save a handsome amount.