dark floors vs light floors

Dark Floors Vs. Light Floors

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The kind of flooring you choose for your homes has a direct impact on the decor and interior look. Hardwood floors are best known for their durability, convenience and elegant look. These are easy to maintain when sealed when. Now, when you have decided to go for hardwood flooring, the next decision would be whether you want to go in for dark floors or light floors. Dark brown shade is a classic choice of wooden flooring, while the lighter tone looks more contemporary.

Light Hardwood Floors:

Light hardwood floors are getting increasingly popular today because of their modern and natural look. It can open up a room and make it look more spacious. A light colored wood flooring enhances the natural light coming into a room.

Light Hardwood Floors

Pros of Light Floors:

  • These are very easy to clean. It is quite easy to spot a spillage or a stain on light-colored floors and so, you can quickly clean it up. Moreover, light dust or dirt is easily camouflaged with the light shade and so, you do not end up cleaning it often. Marks, scrapes and scratches are less visible and easily hidden.
  • Light wood floors make a space feel bigger and spacious. They accent the natural light. It is just a clever illusion or trick that makes this a perfect choice for houses with very little space.
  • Light-colored hardwood flooring can make your decor shine and be noticed. Your signature furniture pieces are more visible and you can even put a fun patterned wallpaper to enhance your decor style.

Cons of Light Floors:

  • If not chosen carefully with dark furniture, light wood flooring can make a room appear very pale. These can wash out a room if the correct shade of furniture is not used.
  • Light-colored woods are softer than darker floors. These are generally made from Douglas fir, pine or birch. These woods are prone to scratches and denting. 
  • If you install light-colored woods and do not maintain them well, the high-traffic areas may soon show wear and tear. 
  • You need to maintain such a floor more frequently with regular staining and refinishing.

Dark Hardwood Floors:

Dark floors are more popular as they ooze of a rustic, polished and sparkling look. These enhance the value of your home. Many people choose dark-colored floors because they require less maintenance.

Dark Hardwood Floors

Pros of Dark Floors:

  • These floors have a long-lasting color. Such floors are more prone to absorbing sunlight, while light floors reflect it. These result in less sun damage and will manage to retain their darker sheen for long.
  • Dark wood floorings give a natural look. They bring out the richness of the wood grain and manage to give your home a spectacular appeal. These also have a natural look.
  • A darker flooring will give your home a higher property value because it is long-lasting. It gives higher rewards. It is also the most popular hardwood flooring choice. It definitely pays off when you decide to sell your house in the future.
  • Such floors are good for families with dark-colored pets as the dark fur keeps falling everywhere, but the dark shade camouflages it. 

Cons of Dark Floors:

  • The scratches made on hardwood floorings are easily visible. It is tough to camouflage these than in lighter floorings.
  • You should add a scratch-resistant finish to your floors once you finish installation to prevent scratches. Furthermore, one should use furniture pads for all the movable pieces of furniture to avoid scratches or marks.
  • Dust and dirt also shows up more clearly on dark floors. You will need to sweep or mop your floors daily to prevent the dirt from being visible. 
  • These also end up making a space look smaller. If you are installing dark wood floors, you need to ensure that the walls are of a lighter tone.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Shade of Hardwood Flooring:

It is important to keep the following factors in mind, before finalizing your wooden flooring shade:

  • Cabinet Shade:

Keep the shade of your cabinet in mind before choosing your wood flooring color. If you have light colored cabinets, then you can go in for a dark hardwood flooring. It will add some depth and elegance to your room. 

  • Pets and Children:

You need to consider who will be using your flooring the most. Do  you have pets in the house or young children? If yes, then you must be aware that they can create a lot of mess. With children and pets around, there will be a lot of scratches and scrapes on your surface, which can be hidden by a light wooden flooring.

  • Interior Decor Pattern of your Home:

Do you have a very old and classic looking house or do you have a very contemporary style house? Old houses have typically darker floors, while light wooden floors go well with modern and minimalist houses. Dark floors also give a more rustic look, while light floors give a more contemporary look. 

These are some of the factors you need to keep in mind before choosing dark or light wood floors. Both the types have their own consequences and you need to choose well keeping in mind their pros and cons as well.