Halloween Decoration Ideas for 2020

Best Halloween Decoration Ideas for 2021

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There is a month ahead to Halloween, but this is a very short period. Before you realise to start preparations, it will be on your head. Every year you celebrate this festival in honour of the deceased, but 2021 is the pandemic year. You will not likely feel that spirit and joy you had been feeling until the last year.

As you know that this is the pandemic phase, you will have to stay safe. Yet, you would love to have fun – after all, this is the festive season. After going through such a stressful period, you would naturally want to spend some happy moments. Halloween means decoration time. You try to compete for having the best Halloween decoration.

While you will pay scrumptious food and offer them to the deceases, you will have to decorate outdoors stupendously. It should feel like a festival, a festival for the deceased. Scary appearances from bloodthirsty witches to deadly clowns, everything will add up your exuberance and festival spirit. Here are the best Halloween decoration ideas for 2020.

Jolly pumpkin:

Jolly pumpkin - Halloween pumpkins

This time you cannot shell out money on outdoor decoration, especially if you are in a tight spot. Even if your financial condition were sound, you would be cautious. The most affordable way to decorate your outdoors is to create a Jack lantern. You will have to practise a bit to carve a pumpkin to create an attractive lantern.

If you do not want to pull the pulp, you can draw a mug on the peel of the pumpkin and put a candle on top of it. You can also paint the pumpkin to make it more attractive. You can turn a simple pumpkin into a vampire pumpkin by carving a big hole for the mouth and putting vampire jaws into it.  If you want to do it without investing much of your time, you can make random holes anywhere to draw eyes, nose and mouth.

Garland of bats:

Halloween Garland of bats

To give a spookier look, you should hang a garland of bats. You do not need to be a real hunter to hunt them down and kill to hang at the entrance of your house. All you need to do is scissors, black felt, and thread. You will cut the fabric in the shape of bats and then sew them together.

You can hang this horrifying garland either in the porch or in the backyard. If you hang those bats in the porch with pumpkins, it will enhance the spooky look. The bat garland is perfect for getting into the sinister and uncanny environment.

Bloody prints:

Celebrating Halloween without bloody prints will never be fulfilling. A few bloody handprints will make your Halloween party gruesome. You can make these prints on any surface like walls, floors, windows, doors, and plastic surface. A few blotches will fill you with a spine-chilling experience.

Prints on floors will be like a murder-mystery part and prints on a mirror will scare your friends. Placing them on the shower will make you feel like kidnapped in a haunted guest house. To give bloody handprints, you need to dip your hand in red paint and place them on the wall, window, or door.

Spider nest:

You do not need to spend a fortune this year for a Halloween bash. It is easy to make white tights spider nests. Such kind of spooky hanging decoration will take you a bit of patience. It may eat your time as you have to stick them together. All you need is white sheer tights, toilet rolls, glue, plastic spiders, and scissors. Cut off the crotch of a pair of your tights, so you are left with two long separate legs.

Stuff these open legs with toilet rolls or cotton wools. To give it a droplet shape, try to decrease the filling as you go up the leg. Glue spiders outside the tights to gradually reduce the numbers as you go up to give it a web look. Once you have done this, you need to hang it from stairways, doorframes, ceiling etc.

Ghost balloon:

Mice on the staircase

Floating ghost balloons will give you a real, haunting experience. It will make you feel as if ghosts are present somewhere around you. To make such balloons, you will need two large white bin, green balloons, string, black and yellow card, glue and scissors.

If you keep floating balloons in the porch, your entrance will look mysterious. You can keep them in each room. Try to keep several in all of your rooms to make a perfect Halloween spooky atmosphere.

Mice on the staircase:

Do you have a staircase in your house? If yes, it should not go empty. You do not need to put much effort. All you need to do is grab a few small pumpkins, carve out several holes, and fill them with mice. You can keep them on the steps of the staircase.

Halloween decoration should not be exorbitant this year when the pandemic has already worst-hit your finances. However, if you are still looking forward to celebrating it at a grand level, you should not flinch from spending on Halloween decoration. If you do not have enough savings, you can take out personal loans for bad credit.

However, it is still suggested that you should follow affordable ways for Halloween decoration. Tips mentioned above can help you do it successfully even if you are in a tight spot.