Living in Odessa for Work Here’s How to Make Your Temporary Housing Feel Like Home

Living in Odessa for Work? Here’s How to Make Your Temporary Housing Feel Like Home

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Midland (in Midland County) and Odessa (in Ector County) in the Permian Basin produce more crude oil for the United States than any other region. And workers working in a place like Texas, with vast oil fields in rural areas, need better accommodation than hotel and motel rooms. It is where temporary housing or man camps come into play.

So have you recently moved to a temporary house in Odessa for your work? While you might have thought living in a man camp would not be challenging because it isn’t like you spend every breathing moment with your family back at home, it can be more challenging than you’d expect.

You will always miss living at home despite your endless efforts to be unconcerned with living alone. No matter how hard you try to put on an act, everyone craves the familiarity of their home deep down. However, life happens, and living situations change. One day you’re getting annoyed by your mom’s continuous nagging, and the other, you are living in a temporary house, looking for ways to make it feel like home. What are the odds, right?

So here are some tips for people living in temporary housing to make their place feel like home!

  1. No suitcases in sight:

After moving into your temporary housing in Odessa TX, the first order of business is to get unpacking. As much as we all hate unpacking, this tip is still the best and most important to make yourself feel at home. Suitcases vouch for a temporary stay. You don’t want to feel that whenever you come home after a long day of work, do you?

So start unpacking and fill your cupboards with your belongings. Use the cabinets and drawers just like you do at your home. Once you’ve emptied your suitcases, put them somewhere you won’t see much. Doing this will help you get comfortable with the space and eliminate the dreaded feeling of detachment.

  1. Personalize your house:

Personalization makes everything special—even your temporary house. Hang pictures and set photo frames of your most cherished memories with your friends and family. They will always bring a smile to your face when you look at them. You can place pillows, cushions, rugs, and your favorite throw blankets on the bed or the sofa so you can snuggle and feel cozy when you feel down. Lit scented candles in your room. The familiar sweet smell will take you back home, and you’ll warm up to this place in no time.

  1. Add some rentals:

Don’t have much savings in your bank account? Don’t worry, renting some furniture won’t cost you much.

Renting a nightstand to store your possessions, a comfy sofa to curl up with a good book, or a coffee table to enjoy your morning coffee are great ways to add personality to your temporary lodgings. To make your home feel more permanent, renting some furnishings may help. You can also rent some lamps, accent tables, and pouf stools for your space—considering the space you have got. It will save you the hassle of moving everything when you shift to a permanent home.

  1. Prepare your meals:

If you’re constantly on the go, ordering takeout or dining at a restaurant could seem like the more practical alternative. Since you won’t have to worry about making meals or cleaning up afterward, it may appear less work. But would you feel more at ease if you ate your takeout off paper plates? We don’t think so.

A home-cooked meal is the best way to feel at ease, even if you’re used to eating out daily. When you’re homesick, the effort of sifting through your spices and washing the dishes feels worthwhile.

Select a small number of easy-to-prepare meals that can be made with few components if you don’t have the money to buy groceries and make a different dish every day. Cook recipes that don’t need much time in the kitchen and make extra, so you have leftovers. Imagine how happy you’ll feel to have a home-cooked meal ready when you return from work.

  1. Add more color:

Changing a room’s color scheme can make you forget it’s just a temporary arrangement. Pick a scheme that reminds you of home, or go for those daring new colors you’ve been eyeing. Purchase a colorful blanket or pillow to spruce up your sofa, even if your place already comes fully equipped. Subtle accents placed strategically around the room can also help your home stand out. A simple method to make your temporary house feel more like home is to decorate it with your favorite colors.

  1. Make friends:

Living alone can get lonely. Unless you are antisocial and prefer staying in your room rather than talking to someone, making friends and acquaintances will help you feel like you’re fitting in. You can explore the area, find some cool places, hang out in famous restaurants, and also, you won’t have to eat all by yourself now. You can invite some friends over to your house, have a chat, and get to know each other. People can make you familiar with your own house in a way you wouldn’t even know. You can always begin with your neighbors if you don’t know where to get started.


Even if you have no say in the craziness that is your typical weekday, you can manage the setting in which you will unwind at the end of the day. Make sure you can turn your temporary housing into a kind of place you can relax while you’re not working. The tips we have mentioned above will help you achieve that. You can personalize your home, NOT live out of a suitcase, and try blending into the community by making new friends. Although being far from home might be unsettling, it’s also a fantastic opportunity to discover a new area, learn about who you are, and broaden your horizons.