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5 Affordable and Stylish Room Decor Ideas for Students

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Yeah, you have officially made it to college. Now what? There’s another challenge awaiting you, and that’s transforming the look of your room stylishly and affordably. After all, it’s important that your student room looks pleasant and offers a productive environment as well.

It does not matter whether you live in your own home or have a new house as a returning student or a university room. Decorating the space where you live and making it appear homely and comfortable is very important.

No, your student room decoration should not be expensive at all. You can have a pretty and productive space without spending a buck. Just go for these five stylish room decor ideas below:

Get Beautiful Bedding

The homely essential, yes- your bed is something that you require. Why not use pretty bedding for brightening up space? Give the bedding a stylish and personal touch and see for yourself how it transforms the entire room setting and appearance.

Going for lovely bedding is probably one of the easiest ways of introducing interesting patterns and colours to a room. Besides, it also helps in making the room stylish without spending much.

Store Belongings Stylishly in Open Closets

This is the time for you to get rid of those huge wardrobes that take up a lot of space when there’s already limited space in the university room. Remove them and consider open closet shelves that will make the area more spacey. The open closet shelves are an amusing choice that can transform your space into a piece of minimalist art.

Get Arty

Use peel away hanging tabs or pop prints on the surfaces for decorating your room with nail-free artwork. Another good way of giving your room a bit of individuality while being on a budget is going for blueprint wall art. This is a fun and beautiful art print perfectly suited for student room decoration.

You can even choose different varieties of hangings like fresh wallpapers, pinboards, posters, and study materials. It would be a great idea for the ones with a lot of belongings to go for a few shelves to organize the wall space elegantly.

Fairy Lights Work Wonders

Do not let your room fall victim to poor lighting conditions. One of the cheapest and easiest options for avoiding harsh or insufficient lighting in the room is by going for fairy lights. Use them to drape every corner of your room.

They not only help in adding a cosy feel to spaces but also look awesome. You even have the option of going for desk lamps or floor lamps if fairy lighting fixtures are not your thing. It is quite common to have a lot of photos if you happen to live with friends.

Get the pictures printed and stick them on the walls in the form of a picture collage. Decorate the collage with fairy lights. This will fill up the bare walls of your room in the most decorative manner.

Try Tapestry

If you live in a rented room, your landlord might not allow you to paint the room blue, pink, or any other bright colour. Nevertheless, in many ways, you be creative with room decor, especially during student life.

Head straight to an online store of charity shop and get a beautiful tapestry or throw. Pin the item to the wall for creating a bohemian environment. This great wall decor for a student room is highly affordable as well.

The Takeaway

With a lot of paint, a few simple crafts, and some budget-friendly findings, the first-time college-goer can transform his or her blank-state student room into the happiest nest. Use the ideas above and make your space Instagram-worthy without blowing your budget.