Five Strategies to Effectively Manage House Chores

Five Strategies to Effectively Manage House Chores

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Although it may not seem like much, managing a household is a full-time job. There are myriad tasks that you need to complete each day, and something which sounds as simple as cooking can sometimes take up the entire day.

What makes house chores challenging is that you’ll usually have to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously. Additionally, household tasks can be relentless. You’ll finish one task only to have another one pop up. There’s no time for you to clock out and call it a day.

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However, while household tasks are understandably demanding and laborious, it is still possible to find workable solutions to manage them. You can take several steps to cut down on the time and energy you spend performing house chores. So, if you’re looking to free up some time from the dreaded chores, keep reading below to learn how you can manage effectively.

Outsource Chores:

Outsourcing some of your work can be an excellent way to manage better, especially if you feel like you’re constantly drowning in work. The tasks with the most steps and time are the best options when outsourcing household chores. Laundry can be extremely tiring and can easily take up the entire day in washing and folding. If you’re in New York, google wash and fold NYC to get a listing of the laundry services. You can easily book them over your phone and get them to pick up and deliver fresh, clean laundry straight to your doorstep.

Get some extra help:

Never-ending household chores can be pretty much relentless. There are always clothes that need to be washed and ironed, rooms that need to be swept, and food that you must cook. All of this can amount to a great deal of stress and make it challenging for you to get some proper rest. If you’re finicky, you may find that even while resting, you’re thinking ahead to the next task you need to finish to ensure your home is always orderly.

Ultimately, the most daunting thing is the mess that needs to be cleared away before any real work of cooking and cleaning can take place. In such instances, hiring someone to come in for a few hours is better to clear away the daily clutter that materializes out of nowhere and do the cleaning.

Work as a team:

Single-handedly handling household tasks is no easy job. Usually, women spend hours trying to ensure their homes stay spotless without much assistance from anyone else. However, working as a team can help reduce the workload immensely and help you get the work done faster. When working as a team, consider dividing certain tasks with your partner.

Additionally, it can be an excellent solution to rope in the kids. Kids often don’t realize the effort involved in household chores and find them incredibly dull. Working together, however, can help your kids take more pleasure in the process and see how their effort helps keep the house clean. Additionally, it can help your kids build a lifelong habit of keeping up with chores, which can be immensely helpful as they grow older. Gardening, cooking, cleaning, and other tasks are necessary life skills to help your kids be much more independent.

Schedule tasks:

One of the biggest reasons you might feel frazzled because of all the tasks is that you don’t have an exact schedule. Without a plan, you might be going through unnecessary tasks every day while skipping the ones you need your attention. You might spend excessive time mopping the floors, deep cleaning your cabinets, or redoing your garden. Instead, carry out these tasks once a week.

Setting up a daily, weekly, and monthly checklist can be pretty helpful. The tasks you’ll have to do daily include sweeping the floors, cleaning the kitchen, and taking out the trash. You can clean out your oven and microwave, bathrooms, fridge, dust the surfaces, and do the laundry once every week. Seasonal or monthly chores can include reorganizing your closets and pantry, laundering your carpets and curtains, washing your windows, etc.

Simplify meals:

You’ll be surprised at how much time goes into kitchen work. Prepping for a meal, cooking the food, and cleaning up after can be incredibly time-consuming. The processes can leave you tired every day. If you’re deeply concerned and keen about serving delicious elaborate meals, you’ll work with complex ingredients and techniques each day. It can be exceptionally difficult for you to manage other tasks in the long run.

Instead of belting out fancy meals each day, consider simplifying your everyday meals. One-pot meals can be an excellent way to minimize the time you spend in the kitchen every day and can be exceptionally helpful for those on the go. Additionally, crockpot recipes are an excellent way to minimize the number of dishes you have to do afterward without compromising taste. These delicious recipes require just one pan and minimal effort and can give you simple, rustic, and delicious food each time.

Go easy on yourself:

If you find yourself constantly worrying about household chores and never being satisfied with the way your home is, you might need to tone things down a notch. Being too much of a perfectionist can bring you and your family unnecessary stress and can have you running around the house all day. If you have kids or pets especially, it can be challenging to keep messes under control.

Managing household chores effectively thus also requires that you pick and choose your battles wisely. A little dust on the décor pieces can always be wiped away the next day, and a little fur on the carpet won’t hurt anyone. As long as your home is, for the most part, clean, fresh, and smells nice, you can cut yourself some slack.


Managing household chores can seem impossible if you don’t know how to do it. There can be too many tasks to juggle and too little time. However, this guide can help you manage your chores effectively without ever over-exerting yourself. Once you follow these steps, you can effectively manage your home and always keep it in excellent condition.