Kitchen Design Ideas - 10 minutes formom

Beautiful Kitchen Design Ideas – 10 Minutes for Mom

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A kitchen is the heart of a home. It is from here that you cook delicious meals to serve your family members. It is the family’s source of energy and joy. As it is an important part of any house, it is necessary to keep it as clean and beautiful as possible. A beautiful kitchen resonates with your housekeeping skills and a clean kitchen oozes of hygiene and health. Here, we have clubbed a few beautiful kitchen design ideas that are very basic and yet very necessary.

Kitchen Design Ideas - 10minutes for mom

Beautiful Kitchen Ideas:


This is the basic platform where you cook your meals, chop your fruits and vegetables, place your spices, herbs, sauces, teas, sugars, coffee, etc and also the area where you keep your mixers, blenders, stoves, and other gadgets. So, basically, your countertop is the main functional area in the kitchen. It is necessary to maintain its cleanliness and beauty if you want your kitchens to look beautiful.

Common Problems with Countertops and their Solutions:

  • Constant exposure to extremely hot liquids and food items, oil leaks and acidic spills lead to dullness and loss of sheen.
  •  Moreover, cutting and chopping vegetables, meat and fruits with sharp knives also leaves scratches on the surface. 
  • These and many more daily use scenarios spoil the aesthetics and sheen of the surface. 
  • You can clean your natural stone or non-natural stone countertops with a deep-penetrating cleaner to get rid of deep-rooted stains and mold. This ensures that there is no moisture at the root level, which otherwise leads to mold breeding.
  • Once you have cleaned your tile and grout on the countertops, you need to seal the grout first. This surface is porous and hence is necessary to seal the grout first with an epoxy resin titanium based sealer to prevent grout deterioration or mold formation within the grout lines.
  • After cleaning, you also need to seal the surface to prevent re-staining. This can be done by using a topical solvent based epoxy/resin sealer, which forms a protective barrier on the surface, thereby preventing any moisture absorption.
  • If your countertop has too many scratches, you can polish the surface with a topical solvent based sealant that makes them less visible and restores the sheen.


Many people get dark colored flooring done in their kitchens to minimize the visibility of stains and spills. But, whether you have a light colored tile or a dark-colored tile in your kitchen flooring, hygiene and cleanliness is important.

Common Issues with Kitchen Flooring and their Solutions:

  • Food and beverage spills on the flooring are inevitable in a kitchen. If you leave them ignored, it would soon lead to mold and mildew breeding, making your kitchen very unhygienic.
  • Mold and mildew reek of bad odor, cause health hazards and also look unsightly. You obviously do not want such germs to breed in a space where you cook your meals.
  • Tile may also crack due to heavy impact. Often due to heavy refrigerators or other such gadgets in the kitchen, the tile may chip or crack.
  • You can repair these seamlessly using a strong epoxy/resin adhesive or filler. These never pop off from the surface and also render your flooring look beautiful and seamless.

Window Sills and Chimneys:

Window sills in a kitchen are often the source of light and also to let out the aroma of the food being cooked. Many people install a chimney these days to let out food smells. An easy kitchen design idea for window sills or any elevated platforms in the kitchen is to place some nice indoor plants in pretty vases. This instantly enhances the aesthetics of your kitchen and makes it look beautiful.

Kitchen Design Ideas - 10 minutes for mom

Common Issues with Window Sills and Chimneys: 

  • These often get coated with dirt, dust and sticky grime. You cannot prevent the sticky residue settling over your window sills and chimneys.
  • You may have a habit of cleaning your countertops and floorings regularly, but these areas also need maintenance and care.
  • It is best to clean these regularly with a maintenance cleaner to wipe off the superficial layer of dust or sticky dirt that settles on the surface.

So, these are some tips for beautiful kitchen design ideas. You need not have very costly interiors in a kitchen. But these basic cleanliness and beauty tips will make any kitchen look beautiful. 

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