Kitchen Lighting Ideas for Low Ceilings

Kitchen Lighting Ideas for Low Ceilings

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Do you have a low ceiling in your kitchen and are wondering what kind of lights to install? Well, let not the low ceiling stop you from installing pretty illumination in your kitchen. After all, everyone requires their kitchen area to be well lit. Here we have compiled a list of pretty kitchen lighting ideas especially for low ceilings.

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Who says that you will only have to stick to recessed lightings in a typical lower than eight feet low kitchen ceiling? With cleverly placed pendants and chandeliers, you can not only make a statement in your kitchen, but also provide impressive illumination.

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Correct Placement is the Main Trick:

A kitchen table or kitchen island is often the centre of a kitchen and an area where most of your edibles are placed. It is also the area where the entire family sits for a cosy meal. This area can be enhanced by placing multi-light or tiered pendants exactly above. This will not only beautify your kitchen’s central zone, but also adds a lot of light without cluttering.

Clear Glass Pendants:

If your kitchen has a ceiling height of less than eight feet, then installing transparent or clear glass pendants over your kitchen island or table is a clever idea as it does not hit the eye as much as colored ones and nor does it disturb the rest of the interior. A simple high watts bulb inside can provide enough illumination. Such clear glass pendants also make the kitchen room look bigger.

Statement Piece:

In a kitchen with a low ceiling, try to install recessed lights wherever required. But, create a statement lighting on one corner or in the centre over your kitchen island. This will provide enough illumination without looking cluttered. A pair of drum pendants or a flat-type chandelier just above the table will do the trick.

Wall-Mounted Light Fittings:

You get very impressive wall mounted light fittings on the market today that can reflect light in multiple angles without taking up too much space. Such lights have been specially designed for kitchen lighting with low ceilings. These are very ideal futuristic designs which follow a minimalistic concept and are also very practical.

Crystal Light Fittings:

If you want to install something fancy over your kitchen island table with a low ceiling, then opt for crystal light fittings. A fancy crystal pendant or a pair of them work very well, just like clear glass pendants. Crystal designs always add a dramatic and dressy look to your interiors, without making the interiors look small or cluttered.

Flush-Mount or Semi-Flush Mount Lights:

These are ceiling lights that look fancy, modern and very compact. These come in linear or geometric designs, do not take up much space and yet provide a lot of illumination. These are perfect for contemporary designed kitchen spaces. These lights will always stay close to the ceiling without looking obtrusive.

Positioning of the Recessed Lights:

Since you will have more recessed lights in a kitchen with a low ceiling, it is important that you place them strategically, in a linear design or in an evenly placed order. Recessed lights are generally placed around the perimeter of the room.

A Statement Artistic Light Piece:

If you have a kitchen with a low ceiling, you can opt for neutral-themed interiors and then create a striking effect with only one statement pendant lighting that may be big and bold, just above the kitchen table. Just this one piece of big light will not look cluttered and will, infact, add a striking effect to the otherwise neutral interiors.

Strategic Placements:

If you really like a long pendant that will not suit your kitchen interiors, you can try and get it shortened by reducing the length of the pendant handle. This will enable you to install your pendant a little above the kitchen table without looking cluttered.

Contrasting Statement Pendants:

If you have chosen a very neutral or single-colored interior in your kitchen, then you can add some drama and light with a contrasting colored pendant in the centre or above the kitchen table. One such light will act like a statement piece and yet brighten dull spaces.

Slim Pendants:

Another clever idea to install hanging pendants in a kitchen with a low ceiling is to go for slim pendant lights for low ceilings that actually do not make the space look cluttered and yet add the required illumination. You can go in for long funnel-shaped pendants in chrome or silver accents to match your contemporary interiors.

These are some smart kitchen lighting ideas for low ceilings. Strategic placement is the key to illuminate kitchen spaces that have very low ceilings. So, choose wisely and let your kitchen shine!