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7 Gorgeous Open Kitchen Ideas

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An open kitchen is only a decade old concept and hence relatively new. It is a lovely idea where your kitchen does not have walls and hence does not isolate you from the rest of the house members. Most open modular kitchens are based in the living room, where the cook can chat with the family members while also watching television with the rest of them. A strong chimney in such kitchens does not disturb the others with cooking smells. If you also love open kitchen ideas, then here are some other inputs on the same.

Open Modular Kitchen:

Homeowners today prefer to install modular kitchens as many companies offer to do so in just 3 to 4 days. Earlier, remodelling a kitchen could take anywhere between 20 days to a month. The team of carpenters, painters, masons, etc would work in your home to complete the task resulting in a lot of disturbance, sound, dirt and dust. But today, with the concept of modular kitchens, more and more people are considering getting their kitchens renovated or remodeled.

Modern Kitchen ideas

Here are some open kitchen ideas:

  • Small Open Kitchen Ideas

If you plan to have an open kitchen that is quite small, it is better to go in for white or muted shades, especially those that seamlessly blend with the rest of the surface. Ensure that the storage options are aplenty and the lighting is quite bright in such open kitchens. You can install quartz for your countertops as they are more durable and scratch resistant. Try to conceal your refrigerator and dishwasher behind cabinet fronts so as not to block views.

  • Open Kitchen with a Bold Kitchen Island

You can also have a big open kitchen with a bold kitchen island if you have ample space. A  huge eat-in kitchen island also serves as a platform for cutting, chopping, mixing and plenty other kitchen tasks. Sometimes, you will prefer it more to your dining table as it gives a more cozy and comfortable appeal. It also provides plenty of elbow room for the children and you can have plenty of storage under this.

  • Open Kitchen Idea with Perfect Lighting

A kitchen island is the most essential part in an open kitchen. If you have the perfect lighting over it, it not only enhances the look of the space, but also makes a small space useful and comfortable. If you are planning an open kitchen design in a small space, always remember to build a kitchen island somewhere so that it can work as a counter space. An island works as a prep space, sink and space to keep your big appliances. 

  • Two-Tone Open Kitchen Ideas

Here is an open kitchen idea with a delightful two-tone color combination. This idea adds a new dimension to an open kitchen design. You need to use darker shades at the bottom and lighter shades on the top. 

  • Seamlessly-Blending Industrial-Inspired Open Kitchen Idea

It is important for your open kitchen to blend seamlessly with your living room or any other room it is attached with. A same color palette should be chosen to unite all the home features. The kitchen should appear like a kitchenette with all the amenities. Even your countertop should match your furniture, upholstery or any other platforms in the rest of the space.

  • Open Kitchen Idea with a French Vibe

If you love French kitchen designs, then you will love to re-create a French design concept in your homes. Get glided light fixtures and some leather stool bars. Also install a large apron sink and buy some Viking appliances. A floral wallpaper and a rustic dining table are the main features of a French kitchen. But if you get a wallpaper, ensure that it blends seamlessly with the rest of the space.

  • Open Concept Traditional Kitchen

A traditional decor can be created with an open kitchen as well. Create a flexible cooking space that is perfect for both formal and informal entertaining. But, ensure that you separate defined areas for prepping, cleaning, cooking and eating to bring ease and comfort into your open kitchen idea. 

These are some amazing open kitchen ideas you can choose from. 


  1. I was very intrigued by your description of a seamlessly-blending industrial open kitchen. Sleek and clean minimalist designs have always caught my eye whenever I browse showrooms, so the thought of using that design idea all the way to the kitchen sounds exciting. I’ll keep this idea in mind and come up with ways to achieve it when I find a custom home building contractor for my house building project.

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