Six Things to Know Before Getting Marble Countertops

Six Things to Know Before Getting Marble Countertops for Your Dream Kitchen

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Even though marble countertops are incredibly high-maintenance, people love them for their kitchens. Marble has been the top choice of European-style kitchens for a long time. They give a refined and posh finish that exudes sophistication and grace.

In simplest terms, marble countertops are shiny, appear luxurious, and have some serious cachet. They enhance the whole outlook of your kitchen, and if you coordinate your appliances and stovetop with the marble in your kitchen, your kitchen outlook becomes unbeaten and unmatched.

Getting marble countertops for your kitchen might be the easiest choice, but maintaining those countertops over the years and removing signs of the extreme wear and tear these countertops experience is not easy. Therefore, there is a list of things you need to know before getting marble countertops so that you are all ready to make your kitchen look pristine. Let us dive in.

Things to Know About Marble Countertops:

Something that adds glamour to your kitchen is the shiny marble countertop that stands out, complementing everything placed on it. If your kitchen cabinets are also color-coordinated, there is nothing in the way of you receiving the best kitchen owner award! However, prepare to take some notes before you start this process of transforming your kitchen.

1. Marble is porous and can bore stains:

One of the most important things you need to understand about marble countertops is that marble is a natural stone – implying it can absorb liquids, heat, or even food pigments left for too long on the surface.

Another common misconception people have is that marble is heat-resistant. It is not true; marble does not hold up to heat for too long. So, remember not to place hot pans or pots on the countertops without coasters beneath them. As a natural stone, marble is not all heat or stain-proof.

Over time, its finish dulls, and it might also bear scratches. Remember to use a cutting board to cut or chop anything on the marble top. Scratches on the marble countertops accumulate dust and dirt, which might transfer to your food.

2. Basic marble cleaning is not very complicated:

Unlike some lengthy blogs about how difficult it is to maintain and clean marble countertops while effectively managing your house chores, basic daily cleaning of such countertops is relatively easy. The most significant thing to remember is to clean your marble countertop daily after winding up the kitchen work.

Do not let any food debris or stain sit on the marble countertop for too long. Daily basic cleaning of marble does not require any unique cleaning products but a damp microfiber cloth, dish soap, and hot water. Always try and scrub any stains or food debris right away with some dish soap and a damp cloth.

One thing you need to remember is the fact that all acid or lemon-based cleaners are the enemies of marble. So, it is better to steer clear of such cleaning agents.

3. Marble countertops increase your home’s value:

Stone countertops add a rustic and ethnic touch to your home, and people love it when buying houses. Installing high-quality and attractive designs of marble countertops Burlington for your kitchen might be the best thing to increase your home’s value.

Therefore, consider installing a marble countertop a significant investment for your home in the future.

4. Practical for baking:

Have you wondered why some of the old-school and well-established French bakeries have marble countertops that bakers use to knead the dough? It is because marble is naturally cool to touch. It remains cool unless a hot thing is placed on it directly. Cool marble countertops help keep the butter in the baking recipes to stay cool.

5. You cannot avoid patina on the marble over time:

Vintage marble countertops look more elegant and posh, and there is a reason for this. With wear and tear, marble countertops develop a patina over time. The finish over these tops fades over time, and the patina develops on them, making them look more purposefully used.

It is joyful and valuable to see marble countertops being used with care. If this is not your thing and you are not up for it, you should drop the idea of marble countertops and get something that maintains its shine over time, like engineered quartz.

6. Cultured stone is another cost-effective solution:

If you want the look of marble but your pocket does not allow the cost of it, a viable option is a cultured stone marble countertop. It is made by crushing pieces of marble and combining them with a thermoplastic resin, which is then molded into slabs.

The reason it is common in households is that it is also low-maintenance. Cultured stone countertops made with resin are non-porous. They might be susceptible to stains, but it is highly unlikely to happen in a short period.

Pros and Cons of Getting Marble Countertops for Kitchen:

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In addition to the iconic history and legacy of the marble countertops as symbols of elite and classy, here are some more pros for choosing marble countertops for your kitchen.

Pros of Getting Marble Countertops:

  • Fancy Detailing:

With marble countertops, you can incorporate fancy details as per your liking and convey them to the manufacturer. Such countertops can have fancy ogee edges or other styles that you like. Marble is soft and malleable when molded, so there is much room for detailing in the marble countertops.

  • Cutting Marble is Easier

Marble is easier to cut and shape than granite. Marble does not chip easily after cutting, thus, allowing more room for different cuts and designing without the fear of damaging the stone.

  • Marble is not as soft as you think

Do not let its quality of softness fool you. Once molded and cooled, marble is hard enough to last you for ages in the busiest place around your house, that is, the kitchen.

Cons of Getting Marble Countertops

  • It can bear scratches

Everyone needs to know that marble countertops can bear scratches if you do not care for them. Marble surfaces are hard, but cutting or chopping directly on such surfaces might render your countertops old and too quickly.

  • It is susceptible to stains

A thing that needs repeating more than anything is that marble is porous and thus loves to stain. Acidic foods leave a mark on these counters that become permanent over time. One thing you can do is use a sealant regularly. This care procedure can last the shine and quality of your marble countertops for long.

  • Repairing marble countertop is not easy

One of the biggest drawbacks of getting marble kitchen countertops is that repairing them is not easy. If you have marble tiles as countertops, then it is a much less painstaking process, but it is best to leave these procedures in the hands of the professionals.

Marble Countertops Catch Attention

The best decision you can make for your house to invest in its future value and uplift the outlook of the whole place is to get marble countertops for your kitchen. Such countertops add sophistication to your kitchen and make them look stylish. Always leave the installation in the hands of the professionals and clean it daily when winding up the kitchen work. Daily cleaning should suffice the quality and shine of the marble countertop and last it long enough.