3 Materials for Kitchen Countertops

Top 3 Materials for Kitchen Countertops

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There are many materials available on the market for kitchen countertops. But most people prefer marble, cultured marble or granite as these natural stones add a very beautiful and rustic appearance to your kitchens. They come with some disadvantages like porosity, but these can be easily checked with proper sealing. Let us understand the characteristics of these natural stones for your kitchen countertops.

Characteristics of Marble:

  • Marble stone is mined deep within the earth’s crust. 
  • It is in a very raw form when mined, but then it is polished to get a sparkling looking stone that is considered one of the prettiest natural stones.
  • You get it in many shades, textures and varieties.
  • However, this natural stone is quite porous.
  • But you can seal it with a topical sealer made from epoxy/resin to form a protective layer on the surface and block the pores.

Characteristics of Cultured Marble:

  1. Cultured marble is not marble, but very different. 
  2. It is made from a mixture of resin and marble dust to get a very hard polymer that is devoid of the porous properties of marble.
  3. It is mainly used for kitchen countertops, bathtubs and floorings as it is quite durable.
  4. It also sparkles with a radiance and has a rich feel.
  5. You do not need to seal this stone as it is quite stain resistant and non-porous. 

Characteristics of Granite:

  • Granite is made with an interlocking crystal structure that makes it very durable.
  • This interlocking structure is responsible for its grainy look.
  • It does not chip or crack easily.
  • Installing granite for your countertops gives a very natural, rustic beauty to your kitchens and brings nature’s art into your interiors.
  • It makes your surface look amazing and beautiful.
  • You can maintain it properly by deep cleaning and sealing it with high quality products.
  • It is available in more than 20 shades and textures that enables you to choose your preferred color and texture.
  • Its use near a cooktop is very handy since it resists heat too.

These are the top 3 materials for kitchen countertops if you are looking for long-term beauty, richness, aesthetics and durability. People may prefer to put porcelain or ceramic as they are non-porous, but that does not give a rich look as these materials. The porosity factor can be easily rectified by using sealants and high-quality cleaners. This way, you can get completely sanitized, hygienic and pretty kitchen countertops made from natural stone. 

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