DIY Chicken Coop Ideas

Free DIY Chicken Coop Ideas 2020

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If you have a farm or love raising your own chickens for fresh eggs or poultry, then here are some amazing ideas on how you can make your own chicken coop in easy DIY ways. These ideas are absolutely free and will help you give your birds a safe and hygienic shelter. To build your chicken coop is quite an easy task. Here are some DIY ideas.

DIY Chicken Coop Ideas

Backyard Chicken Coop Plan:

You can easily build an urban shelter for your chickens in your backyard. A classic one should feature dimensions of 6 x 3 feet. Start with building a simple wood house in a square shape. You can keep the cage below where you can see the chickens thriving. Make it look like a gardening shed with boards that have been left over after some construction work. This one is a quick build and you can easily finish it in a day or two.

Upcycled Chicken Coop:

If you have some left over doors or an old wooden cabinet lying in your garage, now is the time to use it to make your chicken coop. Just give it a box shape with a tilted roof on the top. Keep a cage below with a door so that you can see your chickens flourish as well as get easy access to them for food and water. The cage below also means plenty of ventilation for your birds.

Solid Wood and Glass Chicken Coop:

If you have enough space in your backyard and some basic carpentry skills, then you can build the perfect chicken coop with wood and glass. The glass will give you a lot of view, while the wood will make the structure strong. Keep the windows a little on the top to provide ample light and ventilation. Ensure that you keep a lot of hay and pebbles on the floor to make it look like a real country-side chicken coop.

Portable Mini Chicken Coop:

This is a great way to practice some basic carpentry skills. Start with building a square hut with the old logs and pieces of wood lying in your backyard. Elevate your coop to get easy access and prevent your birds from danger. Keep a sliding plank near the entrance of the coop’s door. This should look like a cute little chicken coop which can be folded and packed away when not in use. 

These are some easy and free DIY chicken coop ideas.