How Video Surveillance Can Benefit Your Business

How Video Surveillance Can Benefit Your Business?

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Safety and security are categorized among the major aspects one must consider when setting up a business of any kind. This is why companies get high-end cameras and security equipment to ensure the safety and security of their employees and workplace.

Although it depends on which system you have and how it is set up, generally all systems include CCTV cameras. These cameras start recording footage whenever they detect movement. Also, there are options whether the owner wants surveillance all the time or not. Because 24/7 surveillance can take up a huge amount of storage.

Suffice it to say, surveillance cameras offer numerous benefits. However, you can obtain them only if you connect them using premium quality cables. Otherwise, you will get distorted footage. So, to avoid such issues it is best that you buy from reputable affordable fiber optic cable suppliers in Dubai.

With that said, we’re going to describe some of the perks of installing a video surveillance system. Take a look at them:

Benefits of Video Surveillance for Your Business:

Benefits of Video Surveillance for Your Business

Prevents Property Theft/Vandalism:

As per a recent survey, nearly 70% of businesses, especially small scaled ones, are victims of employee theft, vandalism and break-ins. When placed in a noticeable position business security camera can help prevent the theft of products. This reminds the customers/clients that any transgressions are going to be in the recording. Therefore, they refrain from such activities.

Real-Time Surveillance:

In the old surveillance system, companies required the services of a dedicated individual to watch the real-time footage. However, with advancements in technology, newer systems are introduced. They allow the managers to monitor the surveillance from any computer or mobile phone even if they are miles away from the office premises.

Serves as Criminal Evidence:

CCTV footage is an immense help if an offence is committed. It can ascertain the identity of the culprit and the recorded footage acts as criminal evidence in any legal case, should the matter go that far.

Employee Productivity:

Believe it or not but having CCTV cameras installed around your office premises actually increases employee productivity! This allows managers to monitor activity between floors efficiently and allows them to focus on the more significant part of their jobs. It has been proven in research that employees work better when they are monitored.

Reduces Risk of Sexual Harassment:

The video surveillance will have a disincentive effect on sexual harassers whether from the employees or the customers. Acting as a deterrent, it will help prevent sexual harassment as well as identify the harasser. In potential legal cases, it helps support litigations or avoid them in case of any accusation made towards the business.

Aids in Internal Disputes:

Whether it’s a small business or a large scale one, disputes are bound to occur between the workers as well as the customers. In such a situation, it is a challenge to understand when multiple perspectives recount events. Surveillance footage can easily provide ample proof of any wrongdoings and help solve the problem with a fair resolution.

Improves Overall Shopping Experience:

Observing the CCTV footage around the retail zone can assist in understanding the shopping habits of your customers. Other than that, it can also show how effective the placement of your products is. Thus, helping you provide a more comfortable shopping experience for them. The customers themselves feel safe as the presence of the cameras gives them a sense of security.

Furthermore, CCTV cameras are cost efficient. They are considerably cheaper than hiring extra security personnel for every blind spot. Given that security cameras are steadily improving as time goes on, with their decreasing size and becoming less obtrusive. They now have clearer pictures with many coming with infrared support and less maintenance cost.

Helps Manage High-Risk Areas:

If you own a business where you run a factory or facility, especially ones containing dangerous products like chemicals, it is likely that having a high-risk area is part of it. High-risk areas have limited employee access as its environment is often hazardous.

The presence of a CCTV camera prevents the risk of a person being physically present in that area while allowing you to observe it in real-time. Plus, you can also install these cameras in accident-prone areas. So in case of a disaster, deployment of safety measures can occur.

In all, video surveillance systems are undoubtedly a blessing for business owners nowadays. It allows them to ensure the safety of their work place without even being there. Having said that, their performance depends on audio visual equipment as well. So, you must get them from well reputed audio visual company in dubai as well.