Swimming Pool Types, Designs, and Styles

Swimming Pool Types, Designs, and Styles

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You all love to have swimming pools in your houses or commercial complexes. If you want some knowledge about pools before deciding what kind of pool to install, then you must know that swimming pools come in different shapes, sizes, types and designs. All these pools have different purposes. You can decide on your pool type based on your budget, requirement, space, local regulations and size. Here is a detailed guide on the different swimming pool types that might help you make an informed decision. 

Above-Ground Pools:

Above-Ground Pool - 10 Minutes for mom

As the name suggests, this kind of pool is installed above the ground level. It is not costly and also very easy to clean and maintain. Above-ground pools also enable home-owners to move the pool wherever required, as it is portable. They can only sit and wet their feet or just install it to have a pool feel at home. This kind of pool also suits best for certain rocky terrains where digging a proper pool is not practical. You can later install a deck and use it as a recreation area in your house.

Architectural Pool:

An architectural pool is one of the most common swimming pool types made with a proper structure, lines and depth. It is mostly made along with the house exterior design.

Architectural Pool - 10 Minutes for mom

It exudes of a geometric design and sophistication. It is usually designed by an experienced architect, as you have to consider a lot of factors before you start digging. It is generally made in sync with the house size, house layout, outer area and theme. These are built in lavish and huge houses which are made as per a common theme or structure.

Family Pool:

family swimming-pool - 10 minutes for mom

A family pool is a lot like an architectural pool, only that it has a more casual vibe about it. They boast of fun, family time, kids splashing, slides, tunnels, caves and everything that may excite small children. They are just miniature versions of what you might find in a water park. It is also a great place to entertain guests, have some relaxing time with family and chill out while at home. It is also used to exercise by some house pool owners. 

Indoor Pool:

indoor swimming-pool - 10 minutes for mom

An indoor swimming pool is inside the house, often temperature controlled or insulated by three walls, and obviously under a covered roof. These are also geometric and simple. They are usually designed for pool sports done during cold climates. Indoor heating pools are cheaper to install than outdoor heating pools because as the room is insulated, the heat does not escape easily.

Infinity Pools:

infinity-pool - 10 Minutes for mom

Infinity pools or infinite edge pools are named with many other terms including negative edge, vanishing edge pools, zero edge or disappearing edge. As the name suggests, these pools are custom-built in such a way that  you do not see the edge border and it appears as if the water is at an infinite level. These are designed to highlight a view. They are expensive to build and maintain.

Kiddie Pool:

Kiddie swimming pool

A kiddy pool is a portable and inflatable pool that is easy-to-find, easy-to-buy and easy-to-store. It is best for those people who are short of space or budget and cannot have a real pool for their children. These pools have been introduced for the first time in the 1940s and they are rampant till today. 

Lap Pools:

lap swimming pool

These are swimming pools that are built for fitness purposes. Swimmers use a lap pool to take laps. They are narrow and long and sometimes even 50 ft in length. They are typically in a rectangle shape and can be built anywhere where there are long and narrow spaces.

Natural Pools:

nature-swimming pool - 10 Minutes for mom

Natural swimming pools are self-cleaning pools that have water gardens and swimming spaces. These are designed generally in a rustic and freeform style. Sometimes, boulders and waterfalls are also added to give them a more natural appeal. These pools are lined with rubber or polyethylene sheets. There is a separate regeneration zone within the pool that has aquatic landscaping. This feature acts as an organic cleaning system. There are pumps and skimmers that circulate the water through this zone and then draw it over the rocks and gravel, where it is filtered. 

Olympic-Size Pool:

Olympic pools are used for athletic sports competitions and swimming during the Olympic competition. Many competitors who appear for the competition often want to practice in an olympic sized pool for better practice and confidence. 

Plunge Pools:

Plunge swimming Pools - 10 minutes for mom

These pools are cold water pools that are very small in size and have been around for thousands of years. They are often used for healing in various medical practices. Chinese use plunge pools for healing of many diseases. These pools were also very common with the ancient Romans. Even athletes and swimmers take a plunge into these pools after their heated workouts to cool or relax their bodies. Some even use it after a sauna or steam bath. It is said to have therapeutic properties.

Saltwater Pool:

Saltwater pools are quite common in Australia and New Zealand. This pool type is not a separate pool, but saltwater chlorinator added to a normal pool. You can easily get a saltwater generator and add it to your pool at the time of construction. This water has therapeutic benefits. 

indoor swimming-pool - 10 minutes for mom

Spool Pools:

A spool pool is a tiny pool, custom-built for home-owners for their own use. It is a pool designed when people have no budgets or space, but yet want a space to relax. It is meant more for relaxation and entertainment. You can fill it with lukewarm or cold water or just soak yourself in hot weather. These are cheaper to make than large pools.

These are the basic swimming pool types. You can select the one you need as per your requirement, space and budget. Pools are meant for relaxation and entertainment for some, while they are used for exercise or healing for some others. See your need and then choose the one most suitable to you. 

After installing your pool, you might need frequent maintenance and care for its cleaning. If you are interested in DIY tasks, you can buy pool restoration and cleaning products from pFOkUS. If you would rather have experts do it for  you, then you can hire experts from D’Sapone to clean and restore your pool.