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Florida is one of the nicest places to vacation or plan your retirement. Its tropical and warm climate makes it one of the most sought-after destinations for college students on spring break and people looking to retire. So it’s not surprising that the property values in the panhandle have shot up. If you ever planned on investing in property on the East Coast, now would be the time to reap your rewards. Not only are thousands of people buying property in the area, but even more are renting.

However, owning property means maintenance costs.

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You could end up paying a pretty penny if you own a property in Florida. Several factors could affect your property’s value if you don’t address the situation head-on and fast. Though the maintenance costs are nominal compared to the expected ROI, the fact is, if you don’t tend to them fast, they could cost you the very returns you seek.

This article aims to address some of the most common ways the Floridian weather can affect your property and cost you in the long run. Read until the head of the article to gain a holistic and complete understanding of how you can avoid a nasty situation. Here are some things you need to watch out for.


The weather down in Florida can get extremely humid, especially in places like Tampa. Therefore, you want to watch out for mold and mildew developing in the monsoon season. After the rains, water damage could take you by surprise. In a matter of days, you may have green spores growing on your walls. It would be best not to tackle this yourself. Instead, call in the professionals. Finding some great options is easy enough. Just Google “commercial cleaning services Tampa Florida“ and choose a company that fits your needs best.
Doing it yourself may be cheaper and more convenient, but mold is poisonous, and you may not be able to get all of it out the first time. To ensure that the damage is gone and for good, it would be best to let the experts take over.

Storms and structural damage:

Living on the east coast, that too in the south, means that you are subject to one of the country’s harshest and most volatile weather conditions. Florida is known to get its fair share of hurricanes and typhoons every now and then. When they hit, the destruction can be incredibly damaging, cost billions of dollars in damage and result in years of recovery.
There is very little you can do to avoid hurricane damage; the best you can do is protect yourself and your loved ones. Creating safe rooms underground or elevating the house to prevent flood water is a great way to add value and protect your loved ones.

In extreme cases, entire houses may be washed away by strong winds and fast-flowing flood water. The truth about hurricanes is they are a fact of living in Florida, very little can be done to safeguard yourself from them.

The heat:

Depending on how your house is designed and built, the heat too can be a major source of damage during peak summer months. The sheer power of the sun in the area is enough to cause damage to the property if the rays are magnified.

A source of light may be focused and magnified through the clear glass like that of a window. These can burn just about anything that comes into their path if you aren’t careful. The sun can be extremely damaging down south, and Florida is no exception. The only reprieve that there might be from the scorching heat is the constant sea breeze. However, that doesn’t change the fact that the sun remains blazing and focused throughout the summer months.

Dust and debris:

It’s fairly windy around the coast; for most people, that means a comfortable stay in the tropical state. However, for people who live in the area, it means an influx of dust and dirt. The cleanup with a sea breeze is such that you have a fair bit of sand coming through into the house during the week. It can be extremely annoying and for houses that have been on the market for a while, it could mean you walk into a sandpit when you open the door.

Therefore, cleanups before open house showings may be a wise idea. If you expect the house to be in the same state that you left it after a few weeks, that may not be the case.

Make sure you bring a duster and broom with you before your showing and get to work. If you don’t have the time, call in a cleaning crew and have them get to work as soon as possible.


Hail is an issue just about everywhere, not just in Tampa. However, when it does pour in Florida, things can get worse. Broken glasses, dented cars, and head injuries are just some of the common issues that can arise from the golf ball-sized hail that falls in Florida. Other than that, these hail stones could wreak havoc on your room and cause irreparable damage to the structure of the building.

Moreover, broken windows mean water flowing through and further damage

Dealing with the broken glass, broken roof tiles and water flowing in can all be difficult to handle. Therefore, it would be best to reinforce your windows and install strong roof shingles when you know the weather Is going to turn.

Managing your home through the volatile weather can be challenging for everyone. However, sometimes preemptive measures can ensure that a bad situation doesn’t get worse.


There we have some ways that the Florida weather can affect your property. It’s tragic to have to pick up the pieces of a home that you spent years building. However, doing so gives the homeowner insight into how to restore the house better and fortify it.

We have covered everything from mildew to hail in this article. The weather shouldn’t be a reason for you to choose not to find your dream home in Tampa. After all, hundreds of thousands of people still live comfortable lives there.