Are You Embarrassed By Your Cleaning Marble Skills

Are You Embarrassed By Your Cleaning Marble Skills?

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Are you one of those who loves investing in costly materials for home but when it comes to maintenance and cleaning, you lag behind? Do you find that your once shiny and sparkly marble is slowly losing its lustre? Well, not everyone has the time or the patience to indulge in deep cleaning of natural stone surfaces regularly. And sometimes, in spite of doing proper maintenance, these surfaces do tend to get spoiled over a period of time. There is no reason to be embarrassed of your cleaning marble skills. What you lack is the knowledge of the right methods and right products for marble maintenance. 

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But before you know more about detailed instructions on sealing and cleaning marble, let us first understand why marble is different than other stones.

Characteristics of Marble:

  • Marble is extracted from the earth’s crust through the mining process in a raw form and is then processed, polished and treated to get the finished marble stone that we use.
  • Marble is available in various colors, textures and designs. But it is a porous natural stone.
  • Marble is a porous natural stone. It easily allows passage of liquids into its pores, which eventually lead to mold breeding and denser stain formation.
  •  If not sealed, the lustre and luminosity of the stone disappears after some time.
  • Cracks and chips are also evident on the surface due to heavy impact. 
  • Marble countertops may develop scratches because of chopping and cutting of vegetables and fruits directly on the surface.

These are some distinct characteristics of natural stone marble. Here are some tips on marble care and maintenance.

Marble Do’s and Don’ts:


  • While keeping hot vessels, use a coaster below. When you keep a hot vessel directly on the surface, it might get etched and damaged.
  • Use a chopping board for chopping and cutting vegetables and fruits.
  • Seal your marble countertop with an efficient sealer, which creates a protective coating on the entire surface. 
  • Clean your marble floorings regularly to remove all the dirt, grime and dust accumulating on a daily basis.
  • Get your stone sealed by experts to prevent marble staining and molding issues.
  • Use a maintenance cleaner for maintaining your stone, once cleaning and marble sealing has been done. A good maintenance cleaner helps to keep the sealer coat intact.


  • In case of a food spill or oil spill, do not spread it all over the surface while cleaning, instead, blot it using a tissue or blotting paper and then clean it. This prevents the food to spread on the entire surface.
  • Refrain from using acidic cleaners, which cause marble etching. Buy only alkaline products for cleaning that have a high pH balance. 
  • Do not use abrasives for marble cleaning, as this may lead to scratches on the surface.

These above are some marble care and cleaning tips that should be kept in mind if you have marble surfaces in your premises. If  you want a detailed instruction guide on how to clean marble the right way, then we have mentioned a step-by-step procedure below. Here is what to do.

How to Clean and Seal Marble?

Cleaning Marble with Robust Cleaners:

Thorough marble stone cleaning is done using a heavy duty deep penetrating cleaner, which does not cause etching on the surface. This deep soaking cleaner should have penetrative action that gets inside the pores and cleans the germs, mold and mildew from within.  Acidic cleaners may cause etches on the surface and hence, you should use only alkaline cleaners. 

Are You Embarrassed By Your Cleaning Marble Skills

Protecting and Sealing Marble Grout with Titanium Sealer:

Grout is as porous as natural stone marble and hence, it too absorbs water and provides excellent conditions for mold and germ breeding. It is necessary to keep the marble surface grout away from stains to preserve the natural beauty of your marble else it will look stained. Do not use water-based sealers to seal your grout, as these quickly wear off in some time, making your grout again vulnerable to stains. These marble grout problems can be avoided by first sealing the grout separately after cleaning and then sealing the tile. Grout sealed with epoxy resin sealers can last for a long time, retaining its texture, color, structure and cleanliness. An epoxy resin adhesive can be used to repair the cracks in your grout. 

Marble Stone Waterproofing with Clear Resin Sealer:

Just after sealing grout, you can proceed to marble tile sealing. This should be done with clear topical resin sealers that do not appear bulky. A top tile sealant coat should appear natural and seamless and should also enhance the sheen of your stone. A resin sealer creates a hydrophilic layer on the surface, thereby preventing the passage of moisture and water into the pores. It shuts the pores and makes water sheet off the surface. It also protects the stone from scratches and etching,

Dazzling the Marble Stone:

After the stone is cleaned and sealed, ask your contractor for polishing marble countertops and floors to get back the lost sheen on your surfaces. The sheen resulted from polishing can last for a lifetime and you will cease to worry about staining or etching issues.

This is the right way of marble cleaning and sealing. After your stone has been thoroughly cleaned and sealed, you can maintain it using a maintenance cleaner. A maintenance cleaner is a combination of a sealer and cleaner that keeps the top sealant intact.

Marble Tile Countertop

How to Buy a Marble Care Product?

The biggest marble tile secret for maintenance and cleaning is to use high-quality products and the right procedure. If you want to perform marble cleaning and sealing on your own, then you can trust products from pFOkUS – a leading stone restoration service provider in the US. Their items are produced following quite a while of exploration in the research centers

How to Hire a Marble Stone Contractor?

If  you feel you do not have the time for proper cleaning and maintenance of your stone, then you can hire experts from D’Sapone – a leading restoration service provider in the US. They only use products from pFOkUS for their services.

This way, you can sharpen and enhance your marble cleaning skills by using the right products and methods. Do not let your costly stone fall prey to poor maintenance. There are some easy methods to restore your stone just like new. Some contractors might dupe you into re-installing the entire flooring or countertops in case of etches or stains. But, there are cheaper and long-lasting methods as mentioned above.