Pets Ruining your Floor?

Are your Pets Ruining your Floor?

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Keeping pets at home fills your life with fun, amusement and companionship. But, you cannot deny the responsibilities they bring along with them. Taking care of a pet is almost equal to taking care of a human baby at home. It is a full time job! Furthermore, not to mention the mess they create. Food and milk spills, throw-ups, potty-training accidents, urine smells and stains, and scratches, all are the baggage you deal with when you keep pets at home. But with some smart maintenance tricks and tips, you can put a stop to pets ruining your floor

Pets Ruining your Floor - 10 minutes for mom

  • Pet excreta and urine on the floor.
  • Scratching of the floor tile by their claws when they are bored or agitated.
  • Food or milk spills on the floor.
  • Throw-ups by small pets, leading to staining and foul odor from the tile.
  • Stained tile due to dirty paws.

These problems mentioned -above are inevitable, especially if you have a backyard garden. If  your pets roam around the entire house, you cannot avoid mud stains on your flooring. Moreover, when you just bring in your pet puppies or kittens into the house, they are still not toilet trained. They often land up excreting on your floors. While it may take time to train and groom your pets, you also cannot let your surfaces suffer. With a smart cleaning and maintenance guide, you can protect your floors easily.

Floor Restoration Tips and Tricks:

Tile and Grout Cleaning:

There are various kinds of stains caused by pets. Pets may also keep your floor damp due to spills or urine. To get rid of these stains and subsequent mold forming on ceramic, porcelain and natural stone floor tile in all the areas of a house or a commercial complex, you should use a heavy-duty and robust cleaner, which penetrates deep into the surface to knock off stains and mold at the root level. You need to use the best floor cleaner to sanitize the surface at the core. 


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Moreover, a deep-rooted floor cleaner is also important to clean the stained grout. Grout, just like natural stone, is also very porous. It has the tendency to soak in moisture and give  birth to mold. You will not get the desired cleanliness results if you invest in cheap and low quality cleaners available in Big Box Stores. It is best to purchase a product that is alkaline in nature with a high pH balance. 

Cracked Grout and Tile Repair:

After cleaning the tile and grout thoroughly, you need to check for cracks and holes in the grout and tile surface. If you do not repair these before sealing, then water may get stagnant in these holes, further leading to mold breeding. Moreover, cracks also ruin the look of your surface. You can use a high-quality epoxy/resin pigmented resin filler to fill the crevices in a seamless way.

Grout Sealing:

After cleaning the floor tile and grout, stains are bound to occur again. There is no such guarantee that cleaning can prevent staining. Only sealing can prevent further stain formation. After cleaning grout floor tile, you can next proceed to grout sealing. As grout is porous, it needs to be  sealed to prevent staining and mold breeding problems. You should use a high-quality epoxy grout sealer for sealing the grout, forming a protective barrier on the grout and also waterproofing it.

Waterproof Grout Sealer

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Floor Tile Sealing:

After sealing grout, you can proceed to floor tile sealing but it is only recommended for natural stone tile.  If you seal the floor tile without sealing the grout, the moisture present in its pores will again lead to mold formation. Sealing stone floor tile with clear solvent based sealers will form a protective layer on the surface, while making it waterproof.

Natural Stone Polishing:

If your pet has the tendency to scratch the flooring with its claws, then you may find a lot of scratches on your tile. Furthermore, if you desire a high-glossy sheen on your natural stone, then you can go in for  floor tile polishing using a clear topical solvent based product, which coats the sealer and the tile at the same time to deliver that long lasting sheen.

Tile Maintenance Cleaner:

Lastly, once you have deep-cleaned, repaired, sealed and polished your tile and grout, you need not worry about any deep-rooted stains or damage. But you still cannot prevent the daily spills, dirty floor or stains. These can be cleaned using a maintenance cleaner, that will help you clean and seal at the same time. A light-daily cleaner can be used either weekly or daily to help you get rid of the superficial stains. 

If you follow the above steps for floor maintenance, you need not worry about pets ruining your floor. Put an end to all your staining worries and enjoy the company of your pets.