Why is it Possible to Control Rats

Why is it Possible to Control Rats?

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Rats infestation is a common problem in homes, go-downs, factories and industrial premises. Rats are difficult to catch and quite dangerous to humans. They are carriers of germs and diseases and so, it is very essential to control rats. If you feel catching these are difficult, then here is some good news for  you. We will discuss why it is possible to control rats easily nowadays, and also help you get rid of them.

Why is Rodent Control Important?

Rats and mice easily breed in garages, gardens, hidden corners in homes and sheds. Once they get familiar with your surroundings, they cause massive damage to home products and property. They also pose a great risk to human health. They are carriers of diseases and easily transfer these to humans by their droppings or by contaminating home surfaces. Their shedded hair also carries germs. They are carriers of ticks and fleas that harm humans. They may cause dangerous diseases like plague, flue or other common infections in humans.

Why is it Possible to Control Rodents

Understanding the Behavior of Rodents:

You can get rid of rodents by understanding their habits and behavior. It is good to know that a female rat can reproduce at the age of six weeks. A pair of mice can produce more than 10,000 offspring in just one year. Rats mostly live up to 12 months only. Rats dwell in ceilings and walls, under floors, carpets, behind sofas, bathtubs, machinery and every possible nook and corner of your home. These are very active during the night. You can find black and moist rat droppings in your house easily. If the food that you leave for  your pets goes missing, it is possible that your house is infested by rats. Rodents cause gnawing damage to your furniture and food containers. You can also spot greasy marks on walls that indicate their activity. 

How to Prevent and Control Rats?

The best way of rodent control is to prevent their infestation. 

  • Ensure that these creatures do not enter your premises.
  • If you spot a single rat in your home, take all measures to remove it immediately. 
  • Dispose left-over food properly and keep your waste bins covered. 
  • Do not leave water sources open or easily accessible. 
  • Do not collect water in open drums. 
  • Clear the clutter in your sheds or garages. 
  • Clean your home regularly. 
  • Ensure that you keep your toilets hygienic and clean at all times.

Never ignore the presence of even a single mouse in your homes. A single rodent in your house can mean a family of rodents is living somewhere inside. Take action immediately if you spot a rat in your house. Protect your health by keeping rats away. Try to get rid of it on your own if you can, else, call a professional rodent control company.