Cultured Marble Countertops Cleaning and Sealing

Cultured Marble Countertops Cleaning and Sealing

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Cultured marble is a widely used stone for shower areas. It is derived after merging resin and marble dust together. If you have used cultured marble countertops, then you might need little maintenance to preserve its natural beauty as cultured marble is a stain-resistant material. However, this stone does get destroyed by using acidic spills of foods and beverages. You might see etching or rough patches on your cultured marble which might have occured on using tough acidic cleaning agents or due to acidic spills. Here are some tips on cleaning and sealing cultured marble countertops to remove the stains and restore them just like new.

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Cultured marble countertops

Characteristics of Cultured Marble:

  • This stone is different from other stones as it is made from a layer of marble dust and resin. Hence, it is not porous like marble stone.
  • It is mostly used for countertops, showers, floorings and even for bathtubs.
  • Cultured marble has an impressive radiance, durability and richness quotient.
  • It does not need sealing as it is resistant to stains. It is also not porous and hence many people prefer this stone.
  • It easily gets etched or spoiled and needs a strong cleaner to remove the stains.

Below mentioned are some common mistakes people make for cultured marble care and maintenance.

Common Mistakes Made on Cultured Marble Countertops:

  • Some people use abrasive scrub pads for cleaning teh stains on countertops, but this should be avoided as it may lead to scratching, etching or cracking the stone,.
  • Never use acidic cleaners on the stone as it may lead to discoloration and etching.
  • In case of renovation work going on in some part of your home, the chemical fumes arising from the paints or polishing procedures can harm your cultured marble. You should keep it covered.

These above are the common cultured marble tips for care and maintenance that you should adhere to. Following is the right way of maintaining your cultured marble countertops.

Cultured Marble Cleaning:

You need to follow a step-by-step procedure to remove all kinds of stains and dirt from your cultured marble surfaces. Experts usually follow a systematic method to clean cultured marble countertops.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Using A Robust Cleaner:

The most common problem for countertop staining is food and beverage spills and leaks. Cultured marble countertop cleaning, when done with efficient cleaners, helps to get rid of these yellow looking stains. You need to use cultured marble approved cleaners to clean the grime, dirt, stains and etching. 

One such cleaner is Benaz from pFOkUS. This robust action cleaner easily removes all the stains and mold formed on the surface of your cultured marble countertops

Cultured Marble Cleaner

Cultured Marble Cleaner

How do you Prevent Further Stain Formation on your Cultured Marble?

Once you have thoroughly cleaned your countertops, stains may develop again and again. To avoid this, the only method is proper sealing after thorough cleaning. Cleaning removes the stains but does not protect it from getting stained again.

Sealing Grout Using Impactful Sealer:

Grout filled between two tiles also tends to absorb food and beverage spills, dirty water and oil leaks, resulting in dense and stubborn stains. Acidic spills may also discolor the grout and weaken its structure. You should use an epoxy grout sealer to make the surface waterproof. Grout sealing makes it resistant to damage. This is an important step which is avoided by many restoration companies.

 Sealing Cultured Marble Using a Clear Topical Sealer:

When you seal cultured marble countertops with clear topical sealers, you create a waterproof barrier on the surface and eventually, prevent further stain formation. Once you have sealed your cultured marble, you will not find stain formation repeatedly.  It will also sparkle with a natural sheen.

You can perform cultured marble sealing with Celine from pFOkUS. This topical resin solvent-based sealer easily coats your stone and prevents it from further damage.

Polishing Cultured Marble:

If you find scratches on your countertops, you can polish your cultured marble surfaces to remove the scratches. These may have formed due to cutting and chopping of vegetables directly on the surface.Polishing cultured marble scratches not only removes all the visible scratches and flaws on the surface but also imparts a lovely mirror finish, your surface had when it was new.

Do not let your costly cultured marble fall prey to dirty and heinous stains and yellowish deposits. If you feel the restoration procedures are too overwhelming, you can hire the servies of experts. You can call D’Sapone – a paramount stone and grout restoration service provider in the US. You can, alternatively, buy products from pFOkUS and perform cultured marble cleaning and sealing on your own.

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