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Amazing Tricks for DIY Gutter Cleaning

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You need to get your gutters clean and free from dry leaves and other debris before the rainy season. Many people hire professional services for gutter cleaning and end up paying a heavy price. There are others who do it themselves, but have to endure a lot of hardships, climbing on risky ladders. If you have a gutter that needs cleaning, we have some amazing tricks for DIY gutter cleaning.

Cleaning the gutters is often the least favorite home cleaning task. But, you need to do it regularly to ascertain proper functioning of the gutters. These grooves in your roof direct rainwater away from the foundation, siding and trim. These gutters get clogged with debris, dirt and dry leaves and overflow. When this happens, rainwater flows and pours in the wrong direction, leading to seeping and damage. 

When not rectified immediately, a clogged gutter can lead to expensive and extensive damage in the forms of floods, mold growth, seepage, leakage and termite infestations. It is recommended to clean the gutters twice every year, once at the end of the fall season and again at the beginning of spring. If you have a large tree over your house’s roof that throws a lot of leaves into your gutter, you may need to clean it more frequently. 

Gutter Cleaning Techniques

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DIY Gutter Cleaning Techniques:

The most common gutter cleaning technique is to climb up a tall ladder, wear a pair of thick gloves and manually remove all the debris and collect it in a bucket. But, this task method sounds very time consuming, tiring and also quite risky. Here are some unconventional techniques that can help you clean the gutters easily.

  • Leaf Blower

There is a super strong machine known as a leaf blower that helps  you quickly collect leaves on the ground. How about using it for cleaning your gutters? You will have to get an extra long extension cord to extend the length of  your blower so that it reaches your roof easily. You can also use a show vacuum for the same purpose. The suction tool of the vacuum can be swapped into the blower. The only problem with using a leaf blower or a vacuum cleaner is that only leaves are dislodged, but the dirt or decomposing organic material remain in the grooves. Do this only if you are strong enough to climb a ladder holding the blower in your hand.

DIY Gutter Cleaning Techniques - Leaf blower

  • Manual cleaning

You can also use a long wooden handle and some sturdy steel tines to remove the debris manually. These tools often extend upto five or six feet and are effective in breaking weeds and any clogged debris. As they are quite tall, you do not have to bend or stretch too much. Such cultivator tools are very useful for gutter cleaning. The only problem with such manual cleaning is that all the dislodged debris then lands everywhere around your house and also on you. You will have to clean the house after cleaning the gutters this way. The cultivator tool cannot be used to eradicate clogs inside the downspouts. It is ideal for single-story homes.

  • Using Water Pressure

Another easy diy gutter cleaning trick is to use concentrated water streams in a carefully controlled manner. If you have a garden hose, you can connect it to a long telescoping hose wand with an angled, down-pointing spray nozzle. This process might soak you as well, but it does help in rinsing or scrubbing away mud and debris from the gutters. 

It is a tough job indeed to clean your  septic gutters. You undertake a lot or risk and trouble to do-it-yourself or you end up paying a huge sum for professional services. Another easy way out and one-time expense is to install a leafguard that is a seamless gutter system that does not allow leaves or other debris to collect inside or clog the gutters. The falling leaves or debris hit the special design of such guards and get deflected. Nothing gets inside the gutters apart from rainwater. Installing these will save you from the trouble of gutter cleaning forever. 

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